Sunday, October 08, 2006

Streamlining the paths that youth take

International Youth Fellowship -- Streamlining the paths that youth take

Sometime previous Monday, while about to climb the stairs of Tambaram Railway Station, a guy gave me a pamphlet. I was just thinking that this would be one more ICICI Bank Personal Loans. So before dropping it down, I glimpsed through a few lines and it was something different -- something that was intended to address the maladies that the society is currently facing. The current society and the youth to be more precise are haunted by plethora of evils of all kinds and creeds on the pretext of fashion. It is really disgusting that tattered jeans with a minimum of twenty pockets is becoming a fashion. One other guy was telling jeans is best since you can use it without washing even for four days. Damn! Would'nt that stink like anything?

Alongside this is the antisocials who seduce youths towards girls and drugs, creating a major havoc for the society. The net effect is that youth who are currently in colleges have thier performance steeply declined. Even at workplace, they only feel like enjoying thier time at the expense of the organization. Now coming to the mainstream discussion, this pamplet was discussion about a korean based society. These people organize global events for youth to address and rejuvenate them from all these social maladies. The downside is that it incurs an international travel, which for most of us would be prohibitive in terms of budget.

Tip: I have been recieving comments from readers worldwide to remove the link to International Youth Fellowship on the grounds that this society has tieups with fanatic protestant movements in various parts of the world. I would strongly feel that my weblog would not abet any such practices and hence removing the link. I would offer my sincere thanks to K. P. Iyer for bringing this to my attention. Thank you, so much.

Nevermind, we have a lot of institutes like Vedanta Institute which offers courses and practices right in our places. Check out them over here:

  1. Vedanta Institute
  2. Chinmaya Mission
And, our president, Dr. A. P.J. Abdul Kalam has given an elegant seven point oath for the Youth to follow as part of his national addressing in the Independence day. Check it out here.


Anonymous said...


Korea has aggresive and fanatic Protestant Christian movements operating in various countries including India purely for converting the gullible into their faith . THis IYF is one such organisation. I would request you to remove the link from your posts

KP Iyer

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

@KP Iyer,

Thank you so much for bringing to my attention. The said suggestions, corrections and amendments have been suitably incorporated.

Thanks again,


Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

I also wanted to share the URL of Sri Ramakrishna Mission, who do a lot of social service for the reformation and upliftment of the society. Check out Sri Ramakrishna Mission URL here.