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Ayyappan ThiruVilakku Pooja at Sembakkam

Ayyappan ThiruVilakku Pooja at Sembakkam

Yesterday there was a small pamplet in my house which was distributed by a small Ayyappan Mandali based in Sembakkam. They are planning a ThiruVillakku Pooja today till early morning tomorrow continously. I am trying to share the information over here for other devotees' quick reference.

Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa

Sri Kaliyuga Varadan Ayyappa Bhaktha Bhajanai Mandalai
219, Velacherry Main Road, Sembakkam, Chennai -- 600 073.


Eighth year Ayyappa Vilakku Pooja

Date: 9th December 2006 (Saturday)
Place: Sembakkam

Sri Kaliyuga Varadan Ayyappa Bhaktha Bhajanai Mandalai is conducting the eighth year Ayyappa Vilakku Pooja this year from today morning and continuosly throughout the night till the dawn of 10th December 2006 (Sunday). We would invite all devotees of Ayyappa to participate in the function and get the choicest showers of blessings of the Lord.


9th December 2006

0400: Ganapathi Homam
0700: Sri Ayyappan Prathishtai (Sri Navagraha Vinayaga Temple :: Procession from Chamraj nagar)
0800: Laksharchanai
1130: Deeparadhana

1230: Food offerings to attendees

1500: Paalak Kombu Procession (Sri K. K. Krishnakkutti group would start from Mahalakshmi Nagar Puttruk Koil with all musical instruments)
1600: Nrithulaya Dance School students performance
1630: Procession reaches the venu. Deeparadhana
1930:  Thayambaka (Thiruvillamalai) (Sri K. K. Krishnakkutti, Manikandan brothers and Sri Sukumaran group)
2100: Bhajan by Iraiarul Shakthi Shanmuga Raja
2330: Udukkuppattu (Sri Karthikeyan and Sri Sukumaran, Thrissur, Kerala)

10th December 2006 [MidNight of Saturday to Early Morning of Sunday]

0130: Ayyappan Jananam, Karpoora Deeparadhanai
0200: Bhagavathi Palkindi Procession (Procession starts from Sembakkam Sangu Udhaya Amman temple to reach the venue)
0430: Thri Uzhichal
0530: Ayyappan - Vavar vettu thadavum


  1. Pilgrims who are interested to participate in the Laksharchana can pay INR 71/- (Indian Rupees seventy one only) in advance and book thier names.
  2. Pilgrims can also help and donate in the Annadhanam.
  3. The organizers would sincerely like to thank all those who made the previous years' function a grand success and they hope for the same type of support and patronage for this and coming years.
  4. If you want Ayyappa Pooja and/or Bhajans to be scheduled in your homes, you can contact the organizers by paying any amount of INR 301 (Indian Rupees three hundred and one only).
  5. Organizers' Contact Address:

    New No. 219, (Old No. 161), Velacherry Main Road,
    Chennai -- 600 073.

    Telephone: +91 98410 30591/+91 98847 04227/+91 98415 97514

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