Thursday, December 07, 2006

Online Application for GameShow

Online Application for GameShow

Gone are the days when television boxes were called as Stupid Boxes. Now each of the individual private and prasar bharati owned television channels are competing with each other to provide high quality programmes and increase the number of viewers for them. Towards these goals and from Tamil language channels spectrum, I would put that Jaya TV and Vijay TV rank on the top on the basis of the following parameters:
  1. Superior Quality Telecast
  2. Neutrality of News
  3. Unbiased and focuses all aspects of the society like a balanced presentation of Politics,
  4. Sports, News, Entertainment etc.
  5. Healthy talk shows and competitions like 'Neeya Naana'.
  6. Truly Competitive Spirit Game Shows like Jackpot.

While casually browsing through the websites of these television channels, I found the online application form for 'Jackpot' Game Show in Jaya TV website. Though it is an online application form, you ought to print it and have it signed by all the willing participants and send across as a post or courier to Jaya TV office. The programme is really very excellent for the following reasons:

  1. Brings out the latent knowledge of women and make them feel confident.
  2. The terms and conditions of the gameshow also stipulates that more number of female participants are preferred.
  3. The participants must be friends circle and not tied up in blood relation. This is to ensure a free-and-fair game show and also support development of friendship.
  4. The anchor (Actress Khusboo) who conducts the gameshow also is calm and does not do much pompous shows.
  5. The sponsor (Arokya Milk Diary) gives free milk packets to all audience also besides rich gifts for the participants.

Tell your near and dear friends and relatives regarding the same. Let them also try participating and win prizes.


shriram said...


Shriram here. Nice to read ur blog as it contains lots of articles on Lord Ayyappa. Infact I became a member of the Sri Ayyappan community in yahoo only after reading ur blog. Thanks for the same. BTW are u going to Sabarimala this time?

Keep up the good work.


Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...


Thank you for dropping by my weblog and sharing your thoughts.

It is Lord's blessing to talk His glory and help others.

With the blessings of the Lord, I pray to Him to get His darshan sometime this month. I would keep posted over the travel itinary, schedule and also post-travel weblog.