Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A date with Hutch on Last Friday

A date with Hutch on Last Friday

I strongly feel that Hutch mobile operator in India is just only doing a puppet show with toy mobile phones and attached with zero utility value. Time and again, I have experienced and have heard of the most disgusting levels of GSM service from there. Whenever you call any Hutch number, there is a high probability that you would be greeted with "The subscriber you are trying to call is unreachable".  I think, even if Airtel in that perspective has some good network infrastructure, nevertheless, they also figure top in all sorts of shady activities. But let us leave alone to thier personal pleasures as we only need a good network for quicker, reliable and effective communication purposes.

Last Sunday, I was starting to Sabarimala and just after starting from workplace, I remembered that Sesadri wanted to give a bit of cloth to be kept near Manjamatha and returned back. When I went near Ashok Pillar to call him, his Hutch cellphone was experiencing deep slumber even in the most busy arterial place of Ashok Nagar -- a kind of GSM spectrum blackout. A couple of more calls to my other friends to get his landline number proved futile as they were using Hutch too. Finally, I got his landline number when I called my other friend with Airtel mobile and then called him over that number to get the cloth to start off on my pilgrimage to Sabarimala.

This is not an isolated incident. A lot of times text messages to Hutch from  Airtel would take about six to seven hours to deliver.  I think, TRAI should consider imposing some minimum baseline criterion for message delivery, voice quality to improve the services of cellular spectrum in the country.

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