Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thanks to cops -- Is TN getting safe?

Thanks to cops -- Is TN getting safe?

Last Friday (15th December 2006). we had our Kattu Nirai in T. Nagar to set off on our pilgrimage to Sabarimala. As the bus was expected to come to the Pooja place only at about 00:00 hours of 16th December 2006, we had a small stroll through Ranganathan street, had a sip of tea and returned back. Interestingly, it was 'Vratham from Aippasi; Irumudi in Karthigai and Pallikattu in  Margazhi'.  The delay to 00:00 hours as planned by the tour operators was due to two factors:

  1. T. Nagar roads are heavy traffic and hence parking the bus for prolonged times for an hour till all pilgrims board the bus and get set for the journey would not be affordable in the place due to traffic conditions.
  2. All permits needs to be checked since waiting at Vandipperiyar checkpost near Madurai for the entry permit is prohibitively costly in terms of money and time.

Well! Coming to our mainstream discussion, as we were strolling through the Ranganathan street, we found the police patrol van slowly inching through the roads. We were anyway surprised that the entire stretch of Ranganathan Street was experiencing a pin-drop silence as there is a new statute by the police that all shops need to be closed by eleven for maintainance of law and order. The lady cop in the van was also constantly announcing from her mike asking people near Pan Parag and other shops to disperse off and asking them reason on why they should crowd during midnights?

Well! This is very much a laudable attempt by the Government of Tamil Nadu and Tamil Nadu Police. Otherwise, one can find heavy traffic near T. Nagar even during wee hours and odd times of the day. Pocket pickers and eve-teasers find themselves with plenty of booty and keep walking in a princely march.

By the way, the caption of the post says 'TN'. It stands for both 'Tamil Nadu' and 'T. Nagar'. Besides these, I also observed that there are lot of patrol vans that roam in the city near Madipakkam, Tambaram and regularly inspect the vehicles to ensure that law-breakers are not roaming around.

 Let us appreciate the startup good efforts of Tamil Nadu police in making nights safer for people to rest and sleep in peace.

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