Tuesday, December 12, 2006

An Ever-Moving Film -- Payanangal Mudivathillai

A Moving Film -- Payanangal Mudivathillai

As a followup of my other post over an observation in Tambaram Railway Station today,  after I got a Villupuram - Chennai bus to Guindy, I started watching the DVD stereo movie that was being screened in it. The film was "Payanangal Mudivathillai", starring Mohan and Poornima.

The film is really excellent and showcases the true love of Mohan to Poornima in that he did'nt want her or her father (Poornam Vishwanathan) to know about his terminal illness (leukamia/blood cancer at the final stage) and his counting days. With this intent, he was planning to create a gap from Poornima. However, Poornima and her father intrepreted him badly as if he had changed his mentality after becoming rich. They were depressed because he become rich from a pauper stage only because of Poornima and her fathers opportunity to him to give a lot of singing opportunities to him. The opening file "Raaga Deepam ..." is really touching. It reflects his acute mental depression that Nature goes against him by showering heavy rains when his first concert has to take place in the open air auditorium.

Coming back to the main discussion, Poornima and her father would realise the real cause of change of Mohan's mind only after Rajesh (the doctor who attends Mohan) tells about his sickness. Rajesh beleives that Mohan does not know  but Mohan has eavesdropped the report while Rajesh was discussing in his clinic.

The story reaches climax with the suicide of Poornima and Mohan in that their journey through music continues even after thier worldly life. The movie is filled with good amount of songs tuned by Illayaraja and true love that ensures that the loved party should not even be mentally disturbed. Try to watch the movie if possible.

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