Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Narrow Misses Yesterday Night

Narrow Misses Yesterday Night

Sometime back we were discussing about pros and cons of Late Night Driving and particularly for nights that accompany with rains. Yesterday night I started late from office and hence needed to take a cab service to drop me at home. The route from Guindy to Tambaram via Madipakkam and Keelkattalai is a very short route for me but at the same time, unless the driver is experienced and has full control over the steering, the journey would be turbulent. Nevertheless since I was feeling sleepy and the driver too in an excitement took this route.

No sooner did the limits of Madipakkam crossed and we were to enter the Kovilambakkam Panchayat limits, there were some perils and evil spirits waiting to attack us there. A fierce glare from the opposite vehicle accompanied by a furore of showers took our vehicle into a virtual quicksand. It almost hit the big barricade of stones that have been piled near the center of the road. I learnt by experience that we ought to tighten our seat belts since it was a narrow miss that we escaped yesterday else in all other cases,  I should be blogging this from my laptop connected via Wi-Fi at TamilNad Hospitals (which is near Medawalkam).  Well! Thanks to my Lord, Swamiye  Saranam Ayyappa we crossed into Kovilambakkam stretch.

But again, I really don't know whether it was our subconscious fear because of the earlier trauma or something really hit the vehicle from the back (since nothing was there), we could keep hearing some friction sound. The road from Keelkattalai to Medawalkam Koot Road looks deserted.  And hence the driver managed to pull the vehicle till Koot road to inspect it but nothing was there.  If the sound was audible to me alone, the driver confirm it too but there were nothing before and after. With little forests only on one side and a couple of cemetry (graveyard) on the other side of the road for a stretch of one km, I don't think it would be wiser to stop the vehicle there and inspect too too for fear of ghosts or highway robbery.

Did some ghost come to meet us? Even as I type this weblog, I get a light shiver recalling this experience. Thanks to my Lord Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa for saving us yesterday night from a strange mystery.

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