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Tamil New Year (Sarvajit) Prayer Celebrations at Room 177, Homestead, Irving, Texas

Tamil New Year (Sarvajit) Prayer Celebrations at Room 177, Homestead, Irving, Texas

Today (April 14) is observed as 'Tamil New Year' (the beginning of new year Sarvajit). Inspite of being away 10000 miles from hometown, but always there is a gentle tender connection to the homeland and home culture without being drifted and distracted by foriegn, alien and mundane disturbances of any kind. I chose not to just ignore the function with just a couple of minutes slokas. I woke up as early today and took the head bath too. Interestingly the weather was inclement in Irving. I planned the dishes and prayer in the morning, which I could prepare using my little knowledge.

The quick and easy dishes that I prepared are:

  1. Venn Pongal (thank's to Priya's Kitchen)
  2. Vazhakai (Plantain) Curry. Holy functions ought to include plantain in our principles and scriptures.
  3. Thirukkannamadhu (thank's to TRS Iyengar recipe)
  4. From Walgreen's I managed to get some fresh fruit mix.

Now comes the Pooja. I knew a few mantras but without a book. My HP Compaq nc2400 became the vadhyar (priest) for my house new year celebration here. Early in the morning itself, he recited the Sri Ayyappan Suprabhatham completely. After the food preparations were over, I prepared the table for prayers and brought all the food items there. My priest then recited all of the following:

  1. Pancha Sooktham
    1. Purusha Sooktham
      1. Narayana Sooktham
      2. Vishnu Sooktham
      3. Sri Sooktham
      4. Bhoo Sooktham
      5. Neela Sooktham
    2. Manthra Pushpam
    3. Sri Ayyappan Panchratnam (Loka Veeram ...)
    4. Chatrumurai
      • Chitranchirugale (Thiruppavai 29th Pasuram)
      • Vangak Kadal Kadainthu (Thiruppavai 30th Pasuram)
  2. Mangala Arthi -- I would like to recall the assistance of the following software in preparing the quick desktop pooja for Lord Ayyappa including flowers, camphor (I can not use real camphor since my room is a non-smoking room and it will alert the flame/smoke detectors), bell and agarbathi (incense sticks).

    1. Irfanview
    2. ScreenWeaver
    3. Sabarimala Temple Website

While taking the food, I was afraid whether it was cooked or half-baked. Thanks to my Lord and no one would really believe that it was really amazing. I am sure it was not me who cooked but it was Lords' own prasadams delivered to my room.

I would also like to share the Desktop Pooja application created for step (4) and snaps in course of time. Stay Tuned!

I also wish all readers A Prosperous and Happy Tamil New Year (Sarvajit) 2007!


Online Pooja Application: As I have mentioned about the Online Pooja Application created from Screenweaver, here is the application for download.
And here goes the Sri Ayyappan Suprabatham Video.
seshu said…
Hi Deepak,

So nice of u to have donw all these things even being away from motherland.. Dats where d tradition and culture makes its mark..

Very nice of u.. Wen u come bac to homeland, u gotta make them(venpongal & Vazhakkai curry) 4 us all here :)

Thanks for the comments and views. With pleasure. Let us try having a Pongal@India sometime scheduled and make a mark there too.

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