Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Miles Apart but Minds In India

Miles Apart but Minds In India

When in India, I never used to turn towards kitchen side other than near the dining table for eating. Eating should be the only thing I should be claiming to be an expert for. While I started to US on a business trip for three months, they advised me that I should consider a hotel which could provide some vegetarian food, if not Indian type. But then, my manager and other colleagues who travelled a month and back were advising that the place we are staying has not much of restaurants in the vicinity. Even if available, the expenses involved, time to travel, availability of transportation to travel, type of purity in food were a few parameters that stipulate and place a higher priority to cook-and-eat rather than buy-and-eat.

All fine. Three days before travel, during my casual call to my friends too, I was telling about the status of packing and everything. A few close-circle friends were bit upset due to this food problem and flung into assisting me in the packing. In about an eight hour mission, I could jot down preparing beverages like Coffee, Tea; Raw rice varieties like Pongal, Upma etc.; Sambar and some pepper rasam in case of cold weather (This is considered as as a good home medication in India). Following this, a daily email confirming Whats going on? Like others I cannot just escape. With all in place, Sify Bawarchi helps a great way too.

What is this syndrome called? That is what Yash Raj's Dil To Pagal Hai defines as Love which meticulously defines 'Someone somewhere is made for each other'.

N.B.: This post was re-written following an affectionate chide and commandment.

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