Saturday, May 26, 2007

Album Setup and Migration Process

Album Setup and Migration Process

I have been trying and migrating the 'Evergreen Memories (Album Collection)' posts with the photos and videos to be served from Sony Imagestation. I have been using Imagestation long time back and it is a nice website. Currently I have been uploading the snaps to Yahoo Photos for a while since but I am migrating to Sony for the simple reasons as below:

  1. More customizations/themes for the album available.
  2. Easy and flexible upload options.
  3. Unlimited Photos. Now they have extended support to Audio too.
  4. Each album has its own Guestbook where your viewers/guest can leave some comments or thoughts for you. A sort of mini blog.
  5. Live chat Agent help in case you are encountering issues with your account.
  6. Yahoo Photos is shutting down in favor of Web 2.0 Photo Sharing website (Flickr). See the news from Yahoo here.
  7. Directory Listing of your albums.
  8. Number of Albums are unlimited.

With all plus, Sony Imagestation has little drawbacks like below. However, the advantages are really significant that they shadow the disadvantages.

  1. The video time is restricted to 15 minutes.
  2. The photos are resized a bit and hence it is advised to keep a copy of your original photos before uploading them.

You would be finding that 'Evergreen Memories (Album Collection)' post being changed in your readers. The change would mostly be a shift of URLs.

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