Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Ithu Oru Ponmalai Pozhudu"

"Ithu Oru Ponmalai Pozhudu"

Yesterday I was describing you on the effect on Sun as a diluted sun stroke effect over here. Well. I started to the routine Triplicane temple only in the good pleasant late evening at about 1700 hours. I know what you are thinking now. The weather effect is offset by city crowd. But actually, now Metropolitan Transport Corporation has been meticulously planning and arranging a good amount of high capacity deluxe, trailer, vestibule and a spectrum of buses that are even envy to neighboring states. The MTC buses are striving hard to become neighbor's envy and owner's pride. :) I think the cool evening like this only has made Illayaraja to compose the 'Ithu Oru Ponmalai Pozhudu' in his Nizhalgal film song. Of course, the actual song describes parks but here it is concrete greenery. You can listen to this song from YouTube wherein the song is managed by Rekha Bharat.

Well! The evening after the scorching baking frying hot sun seemed to be really cool and pleasant. Since it was really late at 5.30, the sea breeze has also set in making things more cooler.  I boarded the bus at Saidapet to take the Anna Salai Santhi route. Skipping a couple of buses did helped to get a bus with availability of seats. This bus again inherited the new innovation breed -- Automatic Door bus. Automatic door buses are great boon to Chennai to 'contain' the footboard menace. Remember the humourous narration of Footboard Travel in 21L. This bus summarily discourages and avoids footboard travels since the automatic doors close off when the bus starts. Bangalore follows this for a long time since and good that Chennai has emulated this good bus model.

After reaching Santhi (LIC) at about 1930 (thanks to the pathetic traffic management on the acutely heavy traffic along the arterial roads), I was bit feeling hungry. Our usual restaurant was there -- Hotel Prahlad. I had some quick bites before travelling to temple. The usual saturday crowd at Temple again took a while before I started back to home through Velacherry route. Again the traffic conditions in the Mirsahib market and Royapettah was really making things strenous and stretching the journey like anything. After I reached Velacherry, I got the usual link bus to Camp Road. And a very interesting thing. No sooner did I board the bus, I took a good deep sleep in the bus. While my bus stop was one mile before Camp Road, I got up only at Camp Road bus stop to catch another return bus back from Camp Road at 2245 hours.

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Deepak Vasudevan said...

Adding to the feature on Automatic door buses.

The other very interesting feature and useful feature is the Low floor buses. This way, old people and when you bring in heavy baggages you would feel lighter and comfortable boarding and alighting.