Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is Satyam Computer Services becoming like Shivaji Foundation?

Is Satyam Computer Services becoming like Sivaji Foundation?

I don't want to go deeper into dirty politics on who is corrupt or accused in the entire Satyam Scam case. But at least from a common man's perspective, Satyam had been helping million share holders and had been serving as a valuable breadwinner. Because of the alleged wrongdoings of a few board members, accusing Satyam on the whole, I feel, is rather little harsh. In a way, I feel, this is becoming something like what happened to Sivaji Foundation in 'Sivaji - The Boss', the most successful recent Tamil film starred by superstar Rajinikanth.

After his return from US, Sivaji (Rajinikanth) would be planning the following things:

  1. Marrying a homely Indian girl who would like to stay away from the artificial modernities of the current age.
  2. Setting up a foundation called 'Sivaji Foundation' which would usher to provide
    1. Free and/or subsidised education from school to higher studies
    2. Free and/or subsidised medical aide to all walks of people
    3. Employment benefits to all walks of people
But even at the start of his noble venture, he was confronted by a hoodlum-politician who offered him real estate business and threatened him to stay away from medical and educational fields since he himself was making fast bucks in those fields and if Sivaji brings his social service mentality, his business would need to embrace a slow death. Sivaji was persevering on his mission and when he approached the various government authorities for approvals, the second hurdle hit him -- the reckless bribery solicitation by government staff at all levels. As the story goes, the politicians even go to the extent of killing Sivaji with the help of underworld police.

Now, coming to the real life situation, Satyam is currently employing more than 60000 software professionals and quite a number of them are also placed as onsite consultants in various locations in US. Besides these, it had been helping out various shareholders with good profits and dividends periodically. A few of the rotten eggs holding vantage positions in the organization is trying to jeopardize the general interest of the organization, which I don't think, God is not going to allow to succeed.

In Sivaji, while the story completes, Sivaji narrowly escaped from death with the help of a few good samaritan people but pretended to be dead and entered the country again as MGR (MG Ravichandran). The illicit cops were shocked on very close resemblance. Now with good mass support for Sivaji foundation, he could weed out the bad entities from the society itself. Let us hope that Satyam would also be having some radical strategy to come out of this political dragnet and establish itself to help young software professionals and shareholders worldwide.

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