Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Proof of Address cards by Indian Postal Department

Proof of Address cards by Indian Postal Department

I remember my colleague (Pradeep Joe Felix) once telling me that his mobile phone is seldom of any use to him. His only intention of having the mobile number with Airtel is to serve him as an address proof since his hometown is based in Tiruchi and he currently stays in Chennai for his work conditions. There are actually hundreds of scores of people in Chennai who are sharing the similar plight.

On Monday, during my visit to Guindy Industrial Estate Post office, I was seeing a board called 'Address Proof Cards for INR 240'. I was wondering about this service. Since the counter was already crowded, I didn't want bother them about a service which I am not going to avail immediately. However, this went to my 'Todolist'. Today being holiday, on account of Makara Sankranthi, I was doing some research on this and found the following information about this 'Proof of Address cards' service by Indian Postal Department.

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  1. Currently this service is available only in Chennai city (upto Tambaram)
  2. Only people who have a valid Indian citizenship can avail of this service
  3. Applicants should have completed 18 years of age in order to avail this service.
    1. Issuing Authority: Head Postmaster
    2. Verifying Authority: Public Relations Inspector
  4. Validity of the card: Three years from the date of issue or change of address (whichever occurs earlier)
  5. Tariff of the card:
    1. Application Fee: INR 10
    2. Card Fee: INR 240
  6. Availability: Any head post office in Chennai City should be able to help you with the request.
For other details, the contact details have been mentioned as below:

Manager (Business Development),
O/o the Postmaster General,
Anna Salai, Chennai - 600002.
Phone: +914428594745, +914428521444-Extn.:323
Email: pmgccr (at)

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