Saturday, January 03, 2009

Safe Motoring in the roads of Tamil Nadu

Safe Motoring in the roads of Tamil Nadu

During my friday trip to Sholinganallur Pratyankara temple and particularly while returning to Adyar, I got a glimpse of the new advertisement posted by Chennai City Traffic Police near Indra Nagar junction.

"For traffic emergencies, please call 103 or SMS at 9840017626".

I recall that sometime back, 9840000103 was used as SMS but this number is currently unsupported, as I learnt after clarifying the same with Bharti Airtel CustomerCare. I am not sure whether this SMS or Voice call would be toll or toll-free but when we witness a traffic emergency, a quick call can save a life or limb and if it is our hand-held mobile that can partake in the noble service, it should be a great solution to humanity.

Let us bookmark these numbers in our PhoneBook and try our best to ensure safe motoring roads in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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