Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sin Sharers

Sin Sharers

During my Friday (2nd January 2009) visit to Sholinganallur Pratyankara temple, I came across a very nice slogan that they have put on one of the walls in Tamil. I just thought I would share this with others since it is a very good peace-propagating slogan which would enhance our mental peace besides elevating our productivity levels.

The English translation of the slogan goes as below:

"Do not get intimidated or enraged by people who try to be endeavoring as hurdles in your path or defaming you or engaging in any sort of betrayal against you or trying to cloud you with negative feelings or thoughts about you. Rather you should sympathize them for the simple reason that by virtue of the activities that they are resorting against you they are offering to share and partake your sins."

This exercise, of course, requires a little to more patience to cultivate but once done, it would be an enormous spiritual exercise in that our sins drastically get reduced since they are offloaded to those who really deserve it.

Perhaps, we can try cultivating this habit starting 2009 for our self-development.

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