Friday, January 23, 2009

You laugh at me; I serve as a source of humor. You cry at me; I serve to shoulder you in the moments of your pain

You laugh at me; I serve as a source of humor. You cry at me; I serve to shoulder you in the moments of your pain

Did I become an astrologer?
Did Irving give me renaissance?
Did ?Residence Inn serve as a Bodhi Tree for me?

There are little to more plausible questions when it comes to the point that my forecast over here was rather getting true. Of course, as even I mentioned that I would stay away from the politics, I believe, I have kept that too without delving deeper into any political dragnet. A few days back, I had a casual conversation with Soorej Andrews Paul (who was with me in my previous organization). He was actually saying not to be too carried over by political pressures but just to concenterate and focus on the actual tasks on hand. The politics, in any sphere, is just to contribute to jeopardizing the general well-being of anyone.

"ஆமை நுழைந்த இடமும் அமீனா நுழைந்த இடமும் விளங்காது" is a famous Tamil proverb (meaning 'The place where Turtle/Court boy enters would suffer from debilitation"). I think this can be extended for one more candidate "அரசியல் நுழைந்த இடமும் உருப்படாது" (meaning 'place where politics starts to play a significant role is also on its way to crashing')

I have another perspective of seeing this thing anyway. Even if some one laughs at any of my weakness, at least, I don't really get intimidated. Neither do I nurture any illwill at them at any point of time. I have been practicing this successfully, copied from Soorej Andrews Paul. In another way, when one laughs at me at any of my weakness, I am proud that I have been a source of laughter for him since laughter is a tonic for good health. I have been helpful in that way in the world. At the same vien, when he cries in misery or pain, I am ready to support him and/or shoulder him to completely comfort him or to give solace to him. I admit anyway I still have a long way to mature this since to a certain degree a little disturbance hits me sometimes but Soorej is successful in depicting a one hundred per cent immunity to any political tornadoes of any kind waving at him.

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