Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Solace from Skunky Politics

A Solace from Skunky Politics

It had been a while I came from Chennai to Irving on a business assignment. The period spanning from April to July had been witnessing for me to witness a few low-profile people spearheading with dirty politics of this sort. Perhaps, I have also explained it over here. The environment at Irving, Texas has been supporting me from more than one way in this:

  1. Keep myself away from hoodlums who constantly try to pull others down.
  2. Ensure that the mindset is pristine clear and crystal pure so that it is focussed only on productive tasks towards the welfare of the world.

I would be having a return to India sometime the first week of November and I am sure that the political gamut would have expanded to greet me in a more hostile cold war atmosphere. At the same time, my current atmosphere has geared me with an immunity gear to ignore all sorts of those unwarranted unruly brickbats which are of no use to any one. The other day, I was watching the film (Sri Raghavendra) where the (female) associates of the Nawab of Adoni used to giggle with sinister objective when Nawab wanted to insult Sri Raghavendra by offering meat on the pretext of offerings. Sri Raghavendra converted those into fragrant flowers. Nawab and all his associates hung their head in deep shame and repented for their folly. I think the Lord made me to watch the film only to emphasize that these political tycoons would be taken care of Him and I should just ignore them and focus on my ethical duties and responsibilities.

I just thought of sharing this my experience with others with the intention that we should ignore low-profile people's politically biased talks and actions. Every second is precious. We should try concenterating in our tasks and service to Lord.

The song that comes in Sri Raghavendra explains this very beautifully. When Sri Raghavendra is assuming the Jeeva Samadhi, he appreciates the greatness of the flute music of the Lord, His graceful Lotus Feet, the peacock-feather on His head and His humble incarnation in the Ayar family as Lord Krishna. Nowadays, I keep listening to that song often. I got it from a public domain in when I was searching for it. After the viewing the video, I was searching for the song and the first line of the song also says 'Searching for the Lord ...'. I just thought I would share the song with others so that even listening to it would enable us to get the blessings of Sri Raghavendra:

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