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'Sridevi' and 'Moodevi'

'Sridevi' and 'Moodevi'

Whilst posting about Madipakkam, we just saw about 'Moodevi'. I just thought we should be seeing in depth more about them and hence this post. In our another post about ''Aalakaala Visham' and 'Thiruneelakantan' ' we saw about one byproduct of churning Thirupparkadal by Devas and Asuras using Mount Meru and Snake Vasuki.

The other byproducts of the churning operation were:

  1. Lordess Mahalakshmi
  2. Lordess Moodhevi

The former is revered as 'Lordess of Wealth' and the latter is revered as 'Lordess of Impoverishment and Suffering'. Going by the history, the latter is elder to the former. The latter came first and then the former came out of the ocean. People normally acuse Moodevi. But the world's rule is that both right and wrong would exist; both darkness and brightness would coexist. Whilst the righteousness/brightness is symbolised by Lordess Mahalakshmi, Moodevi represents falsehood/darkness.

There is also an interesting story about Sridevi (other name of Lordess Mahalakshmi) and Moodevi. Once they entered into a heated argument on who is more beautiful? They approached one sage and asked this question so that they could get a third party judgement on their query. The sage closely observed them and their question. He didn't wanted to give any ad hoc judgement which would please one and hurt another. That would also rather be catastropic. If Sridevi gets infuriated and leaves, there would be dearth of wealth. If Moodevi gets angry, then there would melancholic sufferings slapped on the victim. He told them that he can give the judgement but before that they should do something. They should walk for a few distance which the sage would observe and then give his judgement. The two sisters did as instructed.

Now the sage turned to Moodevi and told "You are beautiful whilst departing away or walking off.
Then the sage turned to Sridevi and told "You are beautiful whilst arriving in or walking majestically in".

The two sisters got immensely happy by the most amicable judgement of the sage. The underlying or the bottomline of the story is as follows:

"It is beautiful when ignorance leaves us, and it is beautiful when wisdom and truth come to us."

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