Saturday, October 31, 2009

Indian neighbor who attempted to setup a matrimony home for her daughter at the cost of other families

At least for a few days since I have been witnessing this incident from a Keralite family neighbor who seem to be involving in a number of acts of jeopardizing the family integrity of another. On a closer view of their acts it got revealed that their clandestine endeavors were because their daughter was in an one-sided love and also was suffering from epileptic disorders. So their parents were trying to get her with the neighbor so that they can have full control of her daughter at any time.

Warnings to her daughter's father was of no avail and hence we drafted an open letter to both of her daughters.

Subject: A humble request to ensure that your mom (Banumathy Venkatakrishnan) does not involve any more into my internal (family) affairs



For the past few days, I witness a furore of incidents sourcing and rooting down to your mom (Banumathy Venkatakrishnan). I understand and admit that old women normally have such an amount of hysteria but this particular illfated character seems to be nurturing this misdemeanour to the extreme and brandishing an attitude of dominating other's families with too much of illwill gesture firm in her blood.
I would like to express my anguish and agony seeded by your mom and how society has started to view upon this now.
I have been talking (and to an extent exchanging text (SMS) messages) to your dad (Venkatakrishnan) on sunday. I am pained to share with you certain thoughts as a followup on the same:
  • An horrendous impotency or incapability of him to control his spouse and a direct impact of which can be traced back to he having his own mother in the separate flat in our apartment complex.
  • He was trying best to protect your family name and people from stopping to comment on your family but he was unavailable to comment on whether he could control his own spouse.
  • He had some tall claims that he maintained cordial relationships with everyone and was challenging me only to present another unpalatable truth which should have taken him aback for a while -- 'Your marriage being by virtue of love and his incapability to convince you into an arranged marriage'. Some one in our neighborhood was also telling that Ramya Amma ('Banumathi') is poking her nose into the ass of other families because her own daughters are not listening to her (rather them, to include her spouse too) and hence trying to 'seek solace' elsewhere. In a good samaritan view, I would suggest, such solicitation might not be acceptable to the society and in a way people might take that solicitation as a sorcery and possible potential involvement in adultery too.
  • A friend of mine was also scolding your mom in literally bad terms when I was sharing the allegations. Not to leak so much but just few words which should express the peak glory that your mom has earned:
    • 'Malayala Moodhevi'
    • Ask her to open a Tambaram brothel wing as 'Banumathi Brothel Solutions' with a wing in Uthiramerur as 'Uthiramerur Ullasa Nilayam'
Trust if you could control your mom to restrict herself from not bothering others' family too much.
Regret if I had been harsh but the bottomline of the story simple -- 'No disturbances entertained whatsoever'.

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