Monday, November 02, 2009

IMD should take a vacation for a while ...

IMD should take a vacation for a while ...

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) which helps the nation in its weather forecast, I believe, should take a break and abstain from weather forecasts for the monsoon period. It is always said that when these weathermen predict shine there is a heavy rain and downpour. When they predict the arrival of the monsoons or even some smoothing soft drizzles, there is a tough shine.

Currently the state of Tamil Nadu is reeling under hot climate, despite the start of Aippasi (November month in Tamil) and the North-East monsoon is dilly-dallying on its exercise. The state reservoirs are depleting in their storage and larger sections of the state has already started to feel the pinch of an onslaught of an imminent drought condition. Today morning I saw the weather forecast and it was telling heavy rains and when I went out for lunch today it is bright sunshine.

Either the accuracy of weather forecast should be increased and enhanced immediately by the department or at least in a social gesture let them avoid speculating and shoo-shooing away the monsoon.

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