Saturday, May 29, 2010

Congratulations sweet-heart!

Congratulations my little cutie-pie. I know you would achieve this for your sure; the six sigma certification which you have been working hard for several months now.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Varadan comes to Virginia on His Garuda Seva

Varadan comes to Virginia on His Garuda Seva

It is Kanchipuram Brahmotsavam time this week and on 5/27 it was the world-famous Garuda Seva. Varadan's Garuda Seva had been more closer to my hearts in more ways than one. All important events like my Upanayanam, Wedding, College Life and Career Life gets started in a close vicinity to His Vaikasi Visakam Garuda Seva.

This year just about a few hours after Gopura Vasal got completed at Kanchipuram a friend of mine immediately sent me the recorded video via email. It arrived at my emailbox at around 1.40 AM Eastern Time (that is around 11.10 AM) when Varadan would be starting back from Periya Kancheepuram to His chinna Kancheepuram.

I have shared about the Garuda Seva in my Sri Vaishnava Network.

It is not uncommon for Varadan to ensure His dear ones are always satisfied and blessed with His darshan. The very famous Thottachar Sevai at His Gopura Vasal is another salient and succinct example. It was because one of His devotees (Swami Thottachar) from Thirukkadigai (now Sholinghur) was unable to travel to an year's Brahmotsavam because of aging effects. He was very much depressed. The Lord blessed Him by giving darshan of His Garuda Vahanam right at Sholinghur. It is hence even these days when Varadan is about cross the Gopura Vasal the divine umbrellas cover Him in a divine belief that the Lord is at Thirukkadikai for a while giving darshan to His devotee.

Another photograph from Garuda Seva (courtesy Tamil Murasu):

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Definitive K9 and the LD firewall ...

The Definitive K9 and the LD firewall ...

Whilst little being away from hometown a few people succumb to worldly pleasures and with the exposure to internet this might go a little unrestricted as well. And sometimes a handful of them from those circles tend to 'impress' everyone providing that they are versatile. I just thought of sharing two little entities that tick on my side which ensure that whatever be the distance from my Chellam or wherever I am, I say truthful to my conscience in all ways than one. The two things are:

  1. The LD firewall.
  2. K9 Web Protection in my system.

I just thought I would prepare a small video as a thanks to K9 Web Protection and in a gesture of appreciation to them. K9 now also has a small dog bark. When you stumble upon a bad prohibited website, your computer speaker would be made to bark at you.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Keep up your inspiration and tread ahead!

Keep up your inspiration and tread ahead!

It is always possible and we do witness hostile behavior from many quarters in our everyday life. Towards furthering their selfish interests, some people discourage others in their positive moves in a fear that their gains would be challenged. The challenge here is that we would need to keep our objectives set clearly and tread ahead towards the same unperturbed by such ghastly mundane creatures. There might be incidents where we may need to de-weed them from the society and we would need to offer our services to clean the society of such evil with a smiling face.

Just thought I would share this moral from Vettaikaran. Thanks to an unknown soul who had uploaded the final music of the film into CoolGoose public domain, I have created a quick tutorial video highlighting this moral to everyone.

A Moral from Vettaikkaran Movie

A Moral from Vettaikkaran Movie

Yesterday I was viewing a few quick trailers of Vettaikaran Movie and one interesting scene that demonstrates and conveys a very important and an inevitable moral to the mankind that I wanted to share with everyone.

Whilst Vijay ('Police Ravi') is in college attending the class his classmate Uma would come late. For a very casual comment of Uma on the lecturer's callous attitude of shutting down the windows and turning the lecture hall as a sultry oven the lecturer spit angry words on her and she got very depressed. Our hero ('Vijay') reopened the windows and then appealed to the carpenters working downstairs to see if they can reschedule the work a couple of hours later. His friendly appeal worked and they dispersed. He then replies to the lecturer that though the workers are not educated as them they can understand the gentle language of love. But the lecturer took the very harsh tone of scolding his classmate as if she is turning to college only to vile away her time flirting and dating. At least henceforth the lecturer should refrain from making such comments. The lecturer realised her folly and apologized to Uma as well.

Some of the morals from this scene are:

  • Never mock others because of their profession. No profession is mean as long as it is honest and ethical.
  • Dont cultivate the habit of judging people right at the first sight.
  • Dont immediately spit harsh words on others wounding their hearts. Even the wound created by the fire can be healed but the wound created by words are permanent says Thiruvalluvar.
Just thought I would share the eSnips recording of this section for the benefit of mankind. Hear it here.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time can turn at any time.

Time can turn at any time

Today morning there was an interesting early morning quote email from Nirmala:

When the Snake is alive, the Snake eats Ants. When the Snake is dead, Ants eat the Snake.
Time can turn at any time. Don't neglect anyone in your life........ ...

I just recalled about these from our Indian language equivalents and thought of sharing the same over here:

We do have a saying in Hindi as: 'कभी गाडी नाव पर, कभी नाव गाडी पर
We do have a saying in Tamil as: ஆனைக்கும் ஒரு காலம்; பூனைக்கும் ஒரு காலம்

In Tamil, we do have another saying for 'Time can turn at any time' as "காத்து எப்போதும் ஒரே பக்கமா வீசாது"