Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Documenting the Financial Year 2006-07

Documenting the Financial Year 2006-07

It is time to document the financial year 2006-07 and decide on the various investments. Remember last year we have been discussing about a very excellent tool called TaxCalculator. I am sure that would have been immensely useful for planning. Now we can analyze how effectively we have planned our investments. For the interested readers, check out our earlier discussion here.

As per the scheduled plan reminded by my MSN Calendar, today I went to Citibank ATM to withdraw cash and deposit for my PPF account with State Bank. ATM had some issues and hence I had to avail the teller services. And one teller, I think, was tired when it was my turn to avail the services and inspite of my request to give me all bigger denominations so that number of currency notes to carry would be less.  Remember we have discussed about the atrocities of pocket-pickers in Chennai sometime before. I was reluctant to come out with that and hence approached another counter. He was very sympathetic and took the bundles and gave me higher denomination notes. He was so very kind that even bound them with a thread and gave me.

Albeit the security step taken at the bank counter itself, I still was apprehensive with all those pocket pickers. After all the destination bank belongs to the Princely state of Travancore, the abode of Swami Ayyapa. Hence I prayed Him before stepping out that I am considering this walk from the branch to your place branch on par the Thiruvabharanam Procession and hence you are obliged to protect me from all dacoits. It was also the destination branch was about to have lunch hour.  It was purely with the blessings of the Lord that I just entered the destination branch, made deposits and transfer transactions completely.

The return route to workplace was little tired since D51 (Broadway - Medawalkam) was bit crowded. But again with the grace of the Lord, I could witness some comedy shows in the bus with some eve-teasers getting blows and barks from woman. It was a standing testimony to our Views and Reviews discussion. I reached workplace about early afternoon.

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