Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Majestic Route of B51 and V51

Majestic Route of B51 and V51

Sometime back we were discussing about the glory of bus B51 which plies from East Tambaram to T. Nagar. Recently, the bus B51 has been withdrawn which has given rise to some upheavals from residents of Velacherry and Madipakkam. But these routes have now been provisioned with Blue Line Bus services by Government of Tamil Nadu. Route No. V51 currently plies this route.

V51 is really excellent bus with good leg space. Albeit they say that they charge premium, I personally feel that the charges are less than that we give to the fleecing auto drivers. Now the fleecing of autodrivers is just going to increase, with the recent recalibration of meters and revision of fares.

I personally feel that the recent introduction of Blue Line and Yellow Line series of buses are poor man's luxury vehicles. Good work from Transport corporation of Government of Tamil Nadu. The only thing required from them is maintenance of these vehicles in hale and healthy state.

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