Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Voicing for the disabled

Voicing for the disabled

During my return trip in the long weekend of 26th January, I was bit depressed to encounter a inhuman attitude of passengers to a visually impaired passenger. This again places an emphasis of whether the humanitarian attitude in Chennai is dying? It was a crowdy bus from Kanchipuram to Tambaram and I was sitting in the rear most of the bus. I could clearly a visually impaired passenger managing to get inside the bus in the front.

He was almost pushed and pulled by the crowd? There was a seat allocated for handicapped. But it was not given to him. Neither did the conductor nor the driver opened thier mouth. He managed to sit near the driver down somehow.

You can ask me why can not you be a role model to help him. True. I was willing. But since the bus was over crowdy and being a lone passenger, I need to find somebody to hold my seat, go and call that guy and how to bring him all the way along to the rear of the bus to my seat and make him seat. Amidst the confusion, my seat would have got taken by somebody else. Even the helping attitude gets disabled in such situations. I sincerely hope that people of Tamil Nadu should cultivate more helping tendencies to other living beings.

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