Monday, January 29, 2007

Long Weekend -- Holy Weekend

Long Weekend -- Holy Weekend

It had been quite a long weekend starting from January 26, 2006 to January 28, 2006. The Friday was holiday since it was 'Republic Day' in India. All along this weekend had been dedicated to the Lord with fervent devotion.

26th January 2007

I had a trip to Mylapore to meet a couple of my relatives. It was also coincided with the visit to the following temples over there besides discovering a new Ayyappa temple. I was briefed about the Ayyappa Temple in Sri Ayyappa group. The list of the temples are:

  1. Kesava Perumal Temple, Mylapore (This temple is also celebrated as Pey Azhwar birth place. Check out DivyadesamOnline page for more details).
  2. Madhava Perumal Temple. This temple is being renovated now and the Maha Samprokshanam of the temple is scheduled for today.
  3. Sri Ayyappa Temple, North Chitrakulam Street, Mylapore.

27th January 2007

Weekly saturday trip to Tiruvallikeni

28th January 2007

It was a great exciting trip to Sholinghur to have darshan of Lord Sri Yoga Narasimhar and Lord Sri Yoga Anjaneyar. It was purely with the blessings of the Lord that unlike previous years this I year got the privilege of entering even near the sanctum sanctorum to get darshan in both of the hill temples. It was interesting to note that the temple was visited by a priest called 'Chaturvedi' that time. A lot of legal proceedings are in progress against this seer, which are least botherations to us. But since he was like a VIP, he was allowed till near the sanctum sanctorum and in the Big Hill, I could sneak in the crowd to have darshan of the Lord. A different Bangalore-based affluent group was visiting Small Hill and with thier sympathy, I could get near the sanctum sanctorum to get the darshan of Lord Anjaneyar too.

Check out Sholinghur Temples from their website.

The trip that started at 0600 hours from Chennai and I took the route via Tambaram - Kanchipuram  - Walajapet and I could return back the same route at about 2000 hours. There was a bit of crowd in the Vellore roads since it was Suba Muhurta day with lot of weddings scheduled.

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