Thursday, February 22, 2007

Caring for the Dumb Friends

Caring for the Dumb Friends

Time and again we have been discussing about the necessity of kindness towards dumb animals. They are greatest treasures for this world, choicest cute and lovely creations of Lord Almighty. They are the most best friends of mankind and help us in so many ways. We are, in more ways obliged to protect them and shower them love and sympathy in more ways than one. But the actual sad reality is that we only shower enormous cruelty on them in all ways that are possible. A few of our discussions on Animal Cruelty are here, for your recall:

  1. Are we trading humanitarian attitude for modern life?
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If you have closely watched the film of Annamalai, starring Superstar Rajinikanth, there are great lyrics in the song Vandhenda Palkaran which clearly brings out the greatness of animals to mankind. He acts as a milkvendor in the film.

We would here, make a humble compilation of various animal welfare agencies and we would swear to either volunteer with them or financially, physically, mentally or verbally support them to strenghten animal welfare and thus serve the Lord. I have tried to collect information for India and United States. I would humbly request the readers to share other contact details from other places and from India/US also as comments.

  1. MyASPCA
  2. Blue Cross of India
  3. International Fund for Animal Welfare
  4. A comprehensive collection of Animal Welfare organizations in India by


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