Friday, December 29, 2006

Camels saved by Chennai High Court

Camels saved by Chennai High Court

With an interim order of bringing in camels from Rajastan to the state of Tamil Nadu, the nonchalant slaughter of camels in the most gruesome way in that it takes more than two hours for the camel to die and it suffers in acute pain. The camels for brought for slaughter for the coming Bakrid festival.

Chennai High Court has decided to hold a special sitting today towards this purpose. You can check out the full news over here. The petitioner has also presented documentary evidence that there is no Quaranic edict that upholds and mandates this animal sacrifice and hence this slaughter directly comes punishable as a violation of Article 51 - A 8 of the consitution alongside several other sections.

We have discussed a related animal cruelty near Rajakilpakkam Chennai and in a technical discussion forum sometime back. Here is the permalink of the URL for reference.

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