Friday, February 09, 2007

Elephant Bell First and Elephant Comes Behind -- Part II

Elephant Bell First and Elephant Comes Behind -- Part II

Have you read the Part-I of this post. This part discusses about the neighboring place of Madipakkam which stands as silent testimony of this Tamil proverb. There is a place called Velacherry and there is a very important police checkpost since it branches the route to Tambaram, which is the gateway of Chennai. The problem is that 'Velachery Checkpost' also serves as entrypoint for Guindy and Adambakkam (NGO Colony). Inspite of the significant junction, the accessways and road is very narrow; narrower than the broadest imagination of human brain could afford.

With this situation in place, any vehicle plying from within Velacherry outside crossing Checkpost or those plying towards Velacherry at the vicinity of Checkpost have to tradeoff their good speed and take a snail-pace ride for about three kilometer stretch.  So next time, when your vehicle automatically trades off the good speeds and experiences unprecedented slowdowns and turbulences, you can think and make good a guess that Velacherry Checkpost is nearby. Velacherry Checkpost is nearby but traffic jam is already in place and hence the proverb befits the context.

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