Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Elephant Bell First and Elephant Comes Behind

Elephant Bell First and Elephant Comes Behind

There is a proverb called 'Elephant comes behind but you can sense the coming of the elephant by its glorious and loud bell'. This is because the elephant keeps shaking its head and hence the bell tied to its neck keeps swinging over all directions creating a nice melodious bell music.

Today, while coming to workplace in B51, it was a comfortable journey till the bus crossed the Pallavaram - Thoraipakkam Radial road and entered the Kilkattalai. The oncoming of Madippakkam next was announced immediately by the lot of jerks and turbulence that the bus was experiencing as it entered Kilkattalai and hence the caption of this post.

The entire 9 Km stretch for B51 from Kilkattalai to Trident Hotel Junction near Chennai Airport featuring Madipakkam was starring and showcasing an innumerable number of potholes of all kinds to make journeys memorable and also providing free gym practices to passengers and commuters through this stretch. Madipakkam is also known for getting inundated for months along even for slight showers.

There is a light hope for everyone who traverses through Madipakkam that at least some resident welfare association if any, from Madipakkam wakes up from slumber and in turn wakes up other respective authorities to see that things are set right

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