Monday, April 09, 2007

A Spiritual Weekend

A Spiritual Weekend

This weekend has been more of spirtual nature. There were a few tasks pending in my MSN Calendar for long, which I just thought, I would pop it up and see for thier completion and those are now flagged 'Complete'. With the climate at my place chill beyond normal text description, I chose to stay warm indoors with room heaters on. Rather than just watching crazy channels or unnecessary swipe of credit card elsewhere, I decided to focus on some good eternal bliss stuff. Here goes a summary of events.

Besides this, I got a chance to listen to Velukkudi Swamy's Thiruppavai Upanyasam. It was a 30-day Upanyasam that has been recorded at Bharat Kalachar Auditorium, T. Nagar. A good samaritan kind-hearted soul has published them over the website. Each and every discourse is really enlightening.

SaranamAyyappa.TK -- New Look, New Feel and More Expanding Content

One of the network websites, has been updated now with a new look and feel, with more content and easy navigational use. Currently it has been configured for ease of updation to multiple authors geographically distributed across the globe to get as much information as possible for the benefit of devotees and aspiring pilgrims.

This comes close to the heels of Visu celebrations at Sabarimala.

An Exclusive Website for Lord Siva Devotees Launched

The erstwhile Siva Temple section that has been part of my website has been delinked and has been promoted as an independant website now. Currently there is a rich content but the UI needs to be touched to a greater extent. But since the bottomline is service to pilgrims more than alluring anyone, this has been rolled out for service.

Arupadai Murugan Website Launched

It has been lying around my Todolist regarding launch of a two page information website dedicated to Lord Muruga, the thought itself, I consider as a divine blessing of the Lord. Perhaps for those who have been closely following the discussions, here is the recall URL.

As a prelude to Tamil New Year, the little humble six page one liner and link repository website on Arupadai Murugan has been published. The website for Tamil God Lord Muruga has been released in the context of Tamil New Year itself, which itself signifies the blessings of the Lord. Check out the website here.

Click on these websites and do send me your feedback on the same.

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