Saturday, November 24, 2007

Shruti planning to mesmerize us again ...

Shruti planning to mesmerize us again ...

Yesterday whilst casually chatting with Prathiba, I actually expressed my anguish on two points, which are enumerated below. As the post goes, this slowly gets transitioned as a little testimonial for the revered blogger, a prolific writer, a ferocious go-getter on goal-targets.

  1. A long lack of updates to My Tides and Tidings. I call it shortly as MTT and I have told this to her too. The reason why I gave this name was it should be similar to ATT (or AT &T), which is a premiere communications provider in United States. I admit that her calendar slots are currently too full with her aspirations towards a post graduate management education (MBA).
  2. I used to tell about interesting discussion tidbits in CodeProject Lounge and Soapbox. Whilst the technical discussions are extremely superb and excellent and that no one can ever debate on it, sometimes, a few discussions on Soapbox can be a bit embarrasing or intimidating. I admit that the forum caption itself has a disclaimer ("If you want to get something off your chest then do it here - but enter at your own risk! However: No flame wars, spamming, trolling, message bombing or harassment.") to this effect.

    Sometimes she used to tell that she prefers to stay away from these forums. For the past few days, I have been nurturing out a sense of guilt whether my showcasing CP forums from the perspective of Lounge and Soapbox were instrumental towards this. The following were particularly the thoughts that kept ravaging my mind or rather plundering my mind?
    1. Did I inadvertantly serve as a speed-breaker or a hurdle?
    2. Am I serving a wrong picture?
    3. Is my mind having a wrong calibration or inclination? This point needed my closer and deeper scrutiny, at least considering the current austeries that I need to practice.

      Yesterday I told this and got clarified. It was then I got a sneak preview of her intention of bringing back Shruti meets Monkeys, after really really a long wait. Was it almost like a Dasavataram of Kamal?
  3. Well. I think, in that way, I earned a bit of relief and also a little pleasure from the following perspectives:
    1. Cleared my mental block which I can accuse of thieving my sleep and peace for a week.
    2. Had been at least a little instrument (though less than the service of a squirrel in its noble deeds of helping Sri Rama in building the Sethu Samudram bridge to Sri Lanka) in bringing back a sleeping blog(ger) to full vibrant activity.
    3. She has also promised to register at CodeProject and at least to actively participate in the technical forum side. I am sure this would be a real boost to her in various perspectives:
      1. Improvement of technical knowledge
      2. Writing Skills, which in turn would enable MTT to have a more richer content.
    4. A little service to my Guru. I treat her as my Guru for the following reasons or her qualities.
      1. The single-minded vision and approach to the goal of the task in hand.
      2. The endurance to achieving the task without letting it go in the air succumbing to difficulties en route.
      3. Not hurting any one's thoughts at any time.
    5. I would say the point 4.3 actually closely resembles with one of my birthday assurances that I took in November 2006. At least till this point of time, I have been trying to uphold it. But my assurance would be Make others smile at any point of time. But I think I should consider extending it a further to encompass 4.3 also. [I copied ]

Well! That completes a quick discussion-cum-tour on two topics:

  1. A cute little testimonial
  2. A news announcement of Shruti meets Monkeys to strike MTT again to keep readers mesmerized.


Anonymous said...

I still could reminisce my first experience in posting at dotnetspider and codeproject(CP) after your constant soliciting. Perhaps,my first thread in CP was a blow on my face. Thereafter, I was able to handle the way community was functioning resulting me in tuning up my knowledge and communication skills. Well, its my turn to share a few of my views when the discussion is about Prathiba. As a team mate I've been working with her for the past 7 months.The knowledge that I've gained working with her and few other values and principles that are prevalent in her are noteworthy.I sometimes felt that I didnt have a sister to try my pranks,but she has always filled that position. Of many of the values that I've seen in her, I am astonished by the way she organises her goals and works towards it. Having set a task asigned to her, one can easily sit back and relax taking a deep breathe saying 'the job will be done with utmost satisfaction'. Starting with the way she organises her tasks (jotting down the tasks along side with its timelimits) till the last phase of testing and re-testing the same is remarkable. Trying to sync with her and work has always placed me in high heels to meet up the requirements. I really admire the way she is focussed towards her career and strives to accomplish the same. There is one scenario that always hover in my mind, its when she had a stored procedure designed for the application (interestingly it was her first attempt to design a stored proc) I was taken back because I still could'nt imagine the fact that if I were to develop that proc, would I've ever developed such a simple and efficient logic!!. I strongly feel that she has all potential to be a candle that lights another.Lets look forward to see if she is planning to mesmerize us again..

Prathiba Venkatesan said...

Thanks Deepak and Pradeep. I am really touched and happy.

I will definitely strive to be better than what I am at present.

Shruti will finally be revived Deepak. You are instrumental in making me come out of shadows and blog again. I consider you a Guru and have always looked upto you. There was never a situation where you let us down. Thanks :)

Pradeep, I am happy that you hold me in high esteem. You are a very good friend and i like your pranks>
you are my SQl guru.

Thanks Deepak and thanks Pradeep for supporting me in all my endeavours.