Saturday, December 15, 2007

"The Thiruchi Ayyappa Temple"

"The Thiruchi Ayyappa Temple"

As I had outlined my travel weblog and a brief halt at Thiruchi Ayyappa temple on 9th December 2007 over here, I just thought of writing a few words about the same for the benefit of other interested pilgrims also.

This temple has a number of excellent innovative blessings that any pilgrim would love to visit.

  1. The atmospheric ambience of the temple is really very calm, holy and very divine.
  2. Every alternate step they have boards that display quotations, great sayings etc. There is one place in the temple which consists of a song in praise of Mother. It asks the visitor to halt for a while there remembering the parents and thier love before proceeding ahead.
  3. They have strict instructions on the following:
    1. Ban of mobile phones within temple premises. If you are caught using a mobile phone, you are liable to penalized to an amount of INR 100.
    2. A request not to talk very loudly in the temple premises.
  4. There is a huge instruction set that the temple staff should not be called for or engaged in private celebrations or home functions without prior consent and permission of the temple trust.
  5. There is a separate hall they have constructed for Bhajans.
  6. There is a real big place they have dedicated in the temple where they have kept the stones from various Holy Places so that people can visually worship them and get blessings of the Lord.
  7. The temple authorities request all transactions to be routed through the Trust only so that corruptions in any form can be eliminated.
  8. Neatly laid out lawns
  9. Perfect discipline enforced in the entry and exit ways
  10. Pin drop silence throughout

The address is as follows:

Trichirapalli Sri Ayyappa Temple,
2, Lawsons Road,
Thiruchirapalli -- 620 001.

Telephone: +91-431-2461415

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