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Weekender Trip to Authentic South Indian Restauarant at W Rochelle

Weekender Trip to Authentic South Indian Restauarant at W Rochelle

Life @Irving is pleasant with not-so-hot climate as in Chennai which makes you sweat like a pig. However, the place we are put up (Las Collinas) is one which has sparse bus facilities. Kind of remote village? If you have a driving option or to get attached with your friends, you should having some good trips. A few good malls too at a walkable distance and pleasure greeneries to calm down the mind and rejuvenate it. You would have seen 'Thomas Jefferson Park' in my album right.

Today there was confusion in my mind. Just thought I should sleep and take rest. No sleep came. Got early and made some good food too. In some confusion, I walked down along North MacArthur towards North Lake College. I was resting down for a while near the park. Some more walk. It landed up near North MacArthur school. Now a weekend bus came and jumped into it. It was about five minute drive to a remote place. Alighted from there and took some snaps. It was again a pleasure since the pedestrian trip could take that way but with one succinct advantage that the mental load was starting to melt down at a really really fast pace. I remember seeing this landmark the previous week while travelling down elsewhere.

A few yards from there, there was a small food departmental stores. Just barged in and started an involuntary conversation with the shopkeeper asking him about the various things over there. Surprised right? And me too, on an introspection front. The surprises and spagattie unentangled are here:

  1. How come this guy just barged in and started an involuntary conversation?
    1. Really really it was surprising. Perhaps I wanted to just freak out of the walk and stroll around for a while there? May be. So be it.
  2. How come this guy had a conversation with the shopkeeper?
    1. I got an answer quite fast. The accent was familiar too. When I asked him, whether he was from an Asiatic country, he replied "I am a Pakistani". At the first, I was bit taken aback since India and Pakistan do not always have a smooth sails for long. But the next moment, I thanked the Lord for having to meet a neighbor; thanked the Lord for getting me to introduce to a nation, which supports humanity, friendliness and love.

With a few yards more, there was a big flashing yellow board called 'Taj Chat House', part of Yes & Yes foods, home of authentic South Indian cuisine in Dallas. I had seen this board earlier in DesMart which is my neighborhood grocery. And I have tried locating this shop too. So, in short, the entire distance travelled was 8 miles (about 12 kilometers). Even after coming down, the greenery and the good disciplined roads over there makes me feel energetic and the walk never made me feel tired. By the way, as I walked down the road, the ridge near the North Lake College, meadow near Irving Fire Department did make me to stop a while and gaze over there for sometime. But I could not stand there for a long time since I had to return back too to my hotel too.

I could fondly recall Robert Frost

"The woods are lovely dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep"

Well. The Taj restaurant was a good one and just South Indian dishes that could surprise me. I took one Masala Uthapam and packed a samosa and Rice Pongal too.


Mahesh Kumar R said…
Vasu, subscribed to your feeds for the past 6 months and going through it. First let me congratulate on MVP and good to know that you walked 12 km distance, I just love your passion on this. I love walking and dont mind in new places like yours. Because of curiosity and interest you can travel across the country also ;) Thanks for sharing this..keep blogging & sharing.
Anonymous said…
If you need to see any kind of fungus on south indian sweets then just visit Taj chat House...
Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for dropping in and sharing your views. It is a famous proverb that 'To err is human and to forgive is divine'. I would appreciate if you could have brought the bad food quality to the attention of Taj Chat House also so that they can rectify the same.

Most of the good business houses follow the principle: "If you are satisfied with us, tell your friends. If not tell us your grievance so that we can rectify." I have seen this slogan in a hotel called 'Hotel Arjun' in Thiruvalloor. Here is the exact slogan in Tamil: குறைகளை எங்களிடம் சொல்லுங்கள். நிறைகளை நண்பர்களிடம் சொல்லுங்கள்.

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