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Scholarships for Meritorius Students

Scholarships for Meritorius StudentsOf late, one of my friend was looking out for some educational loans in Canara Bank for the admissions to Engineering coming year. While we browsed the Internet and were flipping through the various weekly magazines, we came across this nice educational foundation, helping needy students.I wanted to share this information to other readers too. Sri M. Siva Ram Prasad
BREAD,401, Diamond House Adjacent to Amrutha Hills
Hyderabad-500 082 BREAD stands for Basic Research Education and Development Society. If somebody of your colleague needs educational assistance, write to the above for a free application form and for further details.
Updated on 4th February 2006:I came across from a private YahooGroups regarding one more educational scholarship philanthropist. The details are here under:Mr.S.Ramanathan,
17 North St,
Kalai Nagar,
Madurai-625 014Telephone : 91-452-2640678 Email:ramrajam2002@yahoo.comPrerequisites:The candidate must be minimum at high s…

Nice Quotations in MTC Buses in Chennai

Nice Quotations in MTC Buses in ChennaiWhile travelling to work today, I was observing some nice quotations stuck in the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) buses in Chennai. MTC buses here and trains are known for propagating the quotes that are quite obscene and sometimes bit adult-sensitive too.Some good samaritian local television channel actor, who I have been observing for a while, in the metro media seems to be doing this social service like spreading New Year Wishes etc. This guy, named VimalaVasan seems to be really spending his good time, money and energy in doing this good social service in almost a significant number of buses, which are the best medium to reach the good thoughts to the wide depth of people.Let us wish him all success in every sphere of life.

Cricket -- Game of Ricket on Indian Economy

Cricket -- Game of Ricket on Indian Economy I am just trying to address this discussion on the game of cricket from the perspective of India. Perhaps as a reader and if you share similar views from your country, please update them as comments.It is high time that the game of cricket be seriously considered whether it is going to be a merit for India. The sportive game of cricket, as the time of Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil, I apprehend, is starting to get etch in the pages of history. As a reader in this discussion forum at Rediff suggested, Indian Cricket Team are proving time and again that they are only tigers in talking and not in achieving.  This is just a personal comment and perhaps all the related CCIs like BCCI, ICCI etc can see whether some corrective actions could be implemented for these lapses."Barking dogs seldom bite", "Empty Vessels make more noise" are well known sayings in English. Our cricket team gives so much of press meet, promises and assurances …

57th Republic Day of India

57th Republic Day of IndiaIndia humbly steps into 2006 and celebrates its 57th Republic Day, today, the 26th of January, 2006. 2005 has been a testing time for India both from the Nature front with a series of Tsunami Tidal Tragedies, Earthquakes and continuing terrorist attacks at the borders.Letz pray to Lord Almighty, for the benefit of our motherland to see a peaceful and prosperous 2006 from this 57th Republic Day.Letz take this moment, to recollect the Golden words of Poet (Mohemmad Iqbal) in his Sare Jahan Se Acha, which celebrates India greatly. The poem describes India as the best amongst the countries in the World and celebrates its citizens as nightingales and the country as our garden.  The highest mountain neighbour (Western Ghats, Himalayas etc) to the skies stands guards to the nation. Hundreds and thousands of rivers, rivulets and distributaries add to the beauty of the nation and our country has not failed to elicit the envy of the heaven too. Religions are aplenty ov…

Floating ATM -- New Innovations Galore from Premiere Bank of India

Floating ATM -- New Innovations Galore from Premiere Bank of IndiaToday being a holiday, by virtue of Republic Day, i was casually surfing on and on and on. I found this nice information, though bit old but I just thought it is really informative and would be useful to everyone.With plethora of private banks ushering in with novelty of services on display and diversified marketing tactics being deployed, it is heartening that country's old premiere and trusted bank by name, State Bank of India, is also committed to introduce new and innovative channels in Banking. The country's first (and perhaps world's first!) floating ATM, owned and managed by State Bank of India and carried by Kerala Transport Inland Navigation System owned passenger ferries. The ferries have the carrying capacity of 5000 passengers per day from Ernakulam to Vyapeen Islands in 30 trips. Perhaps, you can check out this 'The Hindu Business Line' article for more detail.

Nemili Bala (Tripura Sundari) Temple

Nemili Bala (Tripura Sundari) TempleA calm and poised atmosphere near Vellore, the most elegant town of Tamil Nadu in the district of Arakkonam is a village called Nemili. Seated in her own house, Sri Bala Tripura Sundari has been incessantly showering her blessings on Her devotees for several years. I have also heard of Her temple from my relatives but it is a significant truth cum stipulation that unless the Lordess wishes you to see you, it is becoming almost next to impossible to go to this temple. Even to search information on the website, I think, I could not locate it till now and just reached a YahooGroups website NemiliBala. I wanted to share a few info about this temple so that other pilgrims too can get benefitted by praying to the Lordess for Her darshan and blessings.Other temples of Tripura Sundari:ThiruvanmiyurTri SoolamThirukazhunkundramThiruvathiaiSirkazhiHistory of the Temple/Sthala Varalaru:The significance of Bala Tripura Sundari unlike Her other temples enlisted a…

Good Online HTML Editor

Good Online HTML EditorOne of my friend sent me Ayyappa Suprabatam lyrics and I wanted to share the same with my readers too. A more description about this and the URL is available in I was typing this from an Internet Kiosk, which did not have any full-fledged IDE and while looking out for a good HTML editing solution, I came across of this full-fledged online HTML Editor I think this JavaScript utility would also be very useful for Content Management solutions where we can have a WYSIWYG HTML Editor within the web browser itself.

Makara Sankaranthi Festival

Makara Sankaranthi FestivalReligiously the Sankaranthi stands for the beginning of Uttarayana Punyakalam. It is also observed as Harvest Festival and is festival of joy for agriculturists in Tamil Nadu.  The word Makara indicates the sun entering the Makara (Capricorn) raasi. This year, Makara Sankaranthi is observed on 14th January 2006.We observe Pongal in three parts in Tamil Nadu.Bhogi day (Garbage Collection where old things in the home are destroyed and house is rejuvenated and repainted). It is observed on 13th January 2006. Pollution control board has advised not to burn lot of garbage since atmosphere is heavily polluted and takeoffs and landing of flights are affected heavily, which has become annual feature in Tamil Nadu during the Bhogi time.Pongal day (The actual start of Makara Sankranthi) observed on 14th January 2006. Fresh pot with freshly boiled rice is cooked and with the chanting of Pongalo Pongal the food is dedicated to the the Sun God.Mattup Pongal Day which is …

The e-Presence of our Telecom Minister

The e-Presence of our Telecom MinisterThe efforts contributed by our Hon'ble Telecom Minister, Dayanidhi Maran is simply laudable. India is being viewed as fast growing advanced nation in the telecommunications and significantly the good improvements with the state-owned BSNL/MTNL and ushering in and promoting healthy competitions among the private players in the industry. Just clicking through India Government website and landed on our Telecom Minister's webpage too. Check it out here.For further reading: Check out TRAI website, which has impressive projects and releases mentioned.