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Nemili Bala (Tripura Sundari) Temple

Nemili Bala (Tripura Sundari) Temple

A calm and poised atmosphere near Vellore, the most elegant town of Tamil Nadu in the district of Arakkonam is a village called Nemili. Seated in her own house, Sri Bala Tripura Sundari has been incessantly showering her blessings on Her devotees for several years.

I have also heard of Her temple from my relatives but it is a significant truth cum stipulation that unless the Lordess wishes you to see you, it is becoming almost next to impossible to go to this temple. Even to search information on the website, I think, I could not locate it till now and just reached a YahooGroups website NemiliBala. I wanted to share a few info about this temple so that other pilgrims too can get benefitted by praying to the Lordess for Her darshan and blessings.

Other temples of Tripura Sundari:

  1. Thiruvanmiyur
  2. Tri Soolam
  3. Thirukazhunkundram
  4. Thiruvathiai
  5. Sirkazhi

History of the Temple/Sthala Varalaru:

The significance of Bala Tripura Sundari unlike Her other temples enlisted above is that the Lordess is a small nine-year old girl named as 'Bala'. The house, She resides has been named as Bala Peetam.

It was in the dream of Shri Subramania Iyer, that the Lordess commanded about one hundred years ago, to take Her idol to his hometown when She would be floating in the flood of the river Kushasthalai. For about three days, Shri Subramania Iyer searched the backyard of his home and the river banks but in vain. The next day, he got hold of the three-inch bronze idol in the river, which he consecrated and placed in the center of his house, which is now currently the Bala Peetam. The prime diety of this temple is Raja Rajeswari, the family deity of the pundits over there. The deity Bala Thirupura Sundari has supposed to come on earth as a child goddess out of pure affection and not devotion.

Being a child god, the devotees are expected to only think of thier wish and pray for the same to Her instead of diverting the focus and attention on the offerings that are being intended to be made. Such distractions, which are often on par bargains, are supposed to make the diety feel bad and it is a humble request for the devotees to observe this fact.

The temple has also been conducted with Poojas by Sri Kanchi Paramacharya in 1945 along with his religious group for three full days.

It was Thirumuruga Kripananda Variyar, who told the following quotes "I see in this great peetam, the collection of all our Gods on earth".

Temple Practices:

Since the diety is a child, the prasadam is chocalates and biscuits. The devotees are given only chocalates. The decoration or the alankaram of the diety also is a pretty simple plain vanilla small silk pavadai. The Bala Peetam abode is better known as a home rather than as temple.

The contents of this message has been based from devotees messages at and has been formatted as a service to the Lordess and Her devotees.

Temple Address:

Bala Temple Address:
Nemili Sri Bala Peetam,
No:22, Chatiram Street,
Vellore District,
Pin: 631051

Telephone: +91-4177-247216


  • 20 Kms from Kanchipuram
  • 20 Kms from Arakkonam.


Anonymous said…
Hello Deepak

After reading about the Thripura Sundari temple, I thought of telling you something about another lesser known temple that might generate some interest on your side to know more.

Makreri Subramanya Temple is the only temple in Kerala where the main thanthri (Pujari) is Hanuman. Hanuman, in Thretha Yugam, has installed the main deity and He still does all the Pujas. Hence the power of this temple is unimaginable, though it is in the interiors and known to lesser number of people.

This temple is situated in a place called Makreri (short form of Markkadasseri) near Tellicherry in the district of Cannanore in Kerala. Even though this place is in a remote location from the main town, the temple has been determined by experts to be thousands of years old.

This temple is situated in a place called Makreri (short form of Markkadasseri) near Tellicherry in the district of Cannanore in Kerala. Even though this place is in a remote location from the main town, the temple has been determined by experts to be thousands of years old. The temple consists of two structures, where the same deities are installed. The main deity here is the Valli Parinaya Subramaniyan (Marriage of Subramaniyan and Valli).
This deity was installed by the Supreme among the Markkadas (monkey), Hanuman and hence this place is called Markkadasseri and later known as Makreri. It is still believed that Hanuman does all the Pujas and there is a vigraham (idol) of Hanuman in the main Thanthri’s (pujari’s) position. The temple thanthri (pujari) is considered as a helper to the main thanthri and he, after asking the permission of Hanuman, does all the pujas.

Very few people know the story behind this temple, even though it is clearly documented in The Ramayana.

During the exile period of Sri Ramachandra, Sri Lakshmana and Sita Devi, it so happened that they had to stay in a place inside the forest called Perallasseri. During this stay, it so happened that Hanuman also had the blessing to stay with this divine group in this place for sometime. The tribal people who were in this forest, upon knowing the divine power of this group started to provide all the help needed for them. They began to pray to this group for their blessings. Seeing this Hanuman wanted to create a temple in this location for the people to pray to Sri Ramachandra and Sita Devi for blessings and removing this pain. On hearing Hanuman’s request, Sri Rama told Hanuman that they are in exile and of the Human form and hence creating an idol of them is not correct according to the Shasthras.

Sri Rama suggested an alternative, saying that if Hanuman could find an equivalent vigraham (idol), Sri Rama would do the prathishta in the same location. Hanuman thought about this for some time and found that the only idol that will be equivalent to Sri Rama and Sita Devi together will be the Valli Parinaya Subramaniyan. Through his njana drishti (6th sense), Hanuman found that he could find this vigraham from Sarayu River in Northern part of Bharatha (India).

Sri Hanuman told Sri Rama about his idea for which, Sri Rama immediately agreed with a pleasant smile telling the right moment for the ceremony. After saying adieu to all, Sri Hanuman immediately started to get the vigraham from Sarayu River before the fixed time. However, since Hanuman was unaware of his unlimited strength and power, he took more time to find the vigraham.

As the decided time approached, Sri Rama, not seeing Hanuman, decided to do the prathishta with his Peruvala (large bangle). That is why this place came to be known as Peruvalasseri and later Perallasseri. Immediately after the prathishta ceremony was over, Hanuman returned with the idol and seeing the ceremony got over, he became very sad. Seeing the tears and parama bhakhi of Hanuman, Sri Rama asked him to install the vigraham one foot West of the current prathishta. Moreover Sri Rama told everyone that to get his blessings, anyone who prays at Perallasseri needs to pray at Makreri too else the prayers go unanswered.

Hearing this Hanuman became very happy and immediately installed the idol one foot West. However for doing the prathishta ceremony as well as for the pujas, he couldn’t find punya theertham (holy water) and hence he used his powerful tail to smash on the ground to create a chira (a small pond containing punya theertham).

Since the main thanthri is Hanuman who himself is a punya athma, the prathishta got uncontrollable power. In order to control this power as well as to give daily darshan to parama bhakta hanuman, Sri Rama took His original form of Maha Vishnu sand installed himself on the three sides of the temple.

The noted South Indian music director Sri Dakshinamurthy is one of the staunchest beleiver of the power of the Lord here.

A New Saraswathy Mandapam being constructed by Sri Dakshinamurthy Swami. The Saraswathy Mandapam being constructed by Sri Dakshinamurthy Swami will house his pooja temple with Lingams, Saligram and other Vigrahas, for which the poojas have been done unpertubed for the last five decades. Swami discloses that all his happiness and success were the direct results of these constant and unrelenting poojas. The poojas will be continued in the temple by the priest for many more coming decades as per Swami's ambition and he is surrendering all his prizes and accolades to the temple very soon.

To know more about this temple, please check

Best Regards
Rajendiran said…
Thanks to a pilgrimage tour arranged from Madambakkam Shankar , I had a chance to visit this temple. Truly, to believe, I got the peace of mind in life after that visit. An ideal spot to be visited. As mentioned, unless the goddess desires, you cannot get a chance for a dharshan
Poorna said…
hello! i am a devotee of bala and i loved readin ur blog! good work!
Divinehealer said…
We as a family had the divine opportunity of being called in by Bala. The time she showed in my dream, the most beautiful face I have ever seen, the longing to visit her shrine kept on increasing. Finally last Saturday we went there and had a divine glimpse of the radiant and blissful Bala! I feel a load being taken off me already. So, please visit Bala in Nemili and see for yourselves the divinity and outpouring of grace of this beautiful little Goddess!

- Love and Light to all
viswanaathan said…
hi deeepak i am happy to see this page. can i have the details of songs of bala by kavingar Ezhilmani. pls give me a link in net or tell me the sight , this is my mobile no. 9710203881 or touch me in looking your response at the earliest. pls do needful.
mbernett said…
Namaste Deepak,
thank you for this beautiful information and I hope to visit the temple during my next trip to Tamil Nadu. I've been devoted to Bala for about two years and it's a blessing she has given me to be her devotee. I found out recently that one of the gifts Bala gives is "eloquence". As a teacher, my students seem to really enjoy learning from me and when I speak I notice that another energy just comes through. It is Bala blessing me when I need her most, in front of a large group help me to communicate. Many thanks for your blog.
mbernett said…
This is a beautiful sloka on mp3 to Bala with the text of the sloka on the second link below. It's my favorite:

Sloka mp3 click here:

Sloka text click here:
Krishnan said…
Dear sir,
Keep uploading all the information about Bala Upasana.
Nemili is the place of heaven on earth. she is one of the great deities which are invoked during lalitha sahasranamam as " Banda Puthra vadokyuktah Baala Vikrama Nanditha " .
Sahasra koti Namaskarams to the lotus feet of Nemili Bala
thirumalai said…
thanks for the info about bala kavacham mp3. I have recently got the blessings to visit nemili. Please keep uploading informations regarding bala upasana.
Anonymous said…
Thank you...
Saroja said…
I am also a devotee of Bala Kutti..
She gives us all the support for our family.she is the only goddess who answers readly to our prayers.I wish to visit Nemilli again and again to see our little goddess Bala......
Saroja said…
I am also a devotee of Bala Kutti..
She gives us all the support for our family.she is the only goddess who answers readly to our prayers.I wish to visit Nemilli again and again to see our little goddess Bala......
arkthirumalah said…
hi, i wish to share a recent info i hav learnt about Bala.

Bala is the goddess of siddhas, she is called siddhartha due to that reason. In early ages siddhas, by just only chanting Bala's mantra 'AIM KLEEM SAUHU',in tamil 'AIYUM KILIYUM SAUVUM', attained all the eight siddhis. Later the one who hav attained siddhis thought that no one should attain siddhi easily by a easy mantra like this. Thinking of it they cursed this mantra and locked its power, so that this mantra won't be helpful to others.

Then later they revealed that chanting the original mantra and then same mantra from backwards, i.e. 'AIM KLEEM SAUHU, SAUHU KLEEM AIM', the curse is lifted and the powers are unlocked.

After the curse is removed. then chant the same original mantra to attain power, 'AIM KLEEM SAUHU, SAUHU KLEEM AIM, AIM KLEEM SAUHU'. This is yoga bala mantra or navakshari bala mantra.
Anonymous said…
Hello Deepak,
My name is radharavishankar.I live in america with my family.My family members are the staunch devotees of bala tripurasundari.we had lot of personal problems with my inlaws family and it went to an extent of separating my husband from me and getting him married to another girl.I didnt tell my parents for the past 13 years that i had so much going on.We surrendered under her feet.balaswamigal has told my parents to sent the pics of bala,so that there will be peace and harmony in our family.We have two kids a boy(11Years)& a girl(2Years).When we say swamy our daughter immediately says" BALA". The pics of bala arrived i got the picture to a frame and placed it in my pooja cupboard.We felt the difference from the day it came .Till date we r under her protection.

with the blessings of BALA,
Anonymous said…
Is There Any Transportation ( Bus Service ) From Arakonam To Nemili Bala Peetam.
Anonymous said…

Is There Any Transportation ( Bus Service ) From Arakonam To Nemili Bala Peetam.

Ratheesh said…
Bala penn saranam,

Balaye poojika siddharanar
Bala kku othasa sivakatharanar

Balakku melane deyvamille
Manam kappathu selakku melu mille

Nidra thannilum veetirippal
Entha nerathilum balai munnirippal
sathiru vanthalum thalli vaippar
Balai utra kalaneyum than uthaippal
raj said…
Dear Deepak,
i'm staying in Ahmadabad (Gujarat)
Im very much interested to to getting information about bala tripura sundari. Our goddes is also known as "Shri Bala Tripura Sundari Bahucharaji" near Mehsana (Gujarat). im very much glad to get information.
karthi said…
hi i m narasimha from salem last week i visited sri bala peetam in salem she resides in home there too. they made bala idol as said in devi bhagavatham and she blesses more devotees theer too pls visit it for details search in google maps as "sri peetam salem" and u can view videos of sri bala in salem at
Jayasankar said…
Ca some oe tell me is there any Bus facility from Arakonnam to nemili Bala peetham or from Kancheepuram?
Arun said…
After reading all the posts, Im really happy to know about BALA. I wish to thank the noted tamil author BALA-KUMARAN and thanks to Deepak for his posts.
Luckily Im near to Vellore. There are lot of buses plying from Vellore to Nemili. Easiest way is take a bus from Vellore to Kaveripakkam. From Kaveripakkam to Nemili probably you can get a Cab or Auto.
Can some one get me a good Bala mantra in Tamil? I would be greatful.
Suhasini Deepak said…

I add the opportunity to go to Bala Peetam thrice.Believe me she has done miracle in my life.She is more than my Kula Deivam to me.

Nice blog Deepak
Ponnammal said…
It is a very good blog. Thank you for posting a very useful information for devotees like me.
Wizard said…
What are the visiting hours? We intend to visit balapeetham tomorrow.
chellammal said…
Hi Deepak
thank u for posting very useful information about Bala ... I am very eagar to visit . If Little goddess bless me to visit soon all my problem get solved i beleive.
chellammal said…
hi deepak
i am very happy to see this blog. thanks for posting this info. very eager to visit bala peedam. Hope little lordess will bless me to give dharshan.
with namaskarrms to Bala
chellammal said…
Hi Deepak
thank u for posting very useful information about Bala ... I am very eagar to visit . If Little goddess bless me to visit soon all my problem get solved i beleive.
chellammal said…
Hi Deepak
thank u for posting very useful information about Bala ... I am very eagar to visit . If Little goddess bless me to visit soon all my problem get solved i beleive.
I have been reading about Bala's
power. I am yet to get an opportunity
to have a dharshan of her. I am interested in getting Slokas her
could you kindly tell me the site
from where I can get it downloaded
to chant at home daily. Shall be
thankful for this help. My email ID Looking forward to the information. Thanks

Bala said…
Thank You Deepak. thank you ARUN. Your informatios has been very useful. I have come from Bhopal, and I am at Vellore.I am very eagerly waiting to meet Bala tomorrow. Thank you for your tip on removing the lock on Bala mantra.Thank you for hinting what she likes,I am indepted.

Love Bala
Unknown said…

What is the route to Neimili bala temple? Where the templelocated? any one please answer?

Sachi Kki said…
Hello Bala Devotees,

Visit Sree Bala at Kommadikottai
Sachi Kki said…
Hello Bala Devotees,

Visit Sree Bala at Kommadikottai
Rajan B N said…
Dear Bala Devotees:

Gretings. Thankyou for all the great information on the godess. We are searching for a temple fro Balatripurasundari in Kerala near HAripad. Hs anyone any information about this temple? If so please communciate in this blog or at Thanking in advance. Warm regards. Raj
Meena Senthil said…
hai can anybody post bala sahasranamam in tamil

keep posting information about Bala Tripura Sundari to my email ID I wanted to visit Nemili I don't know when she will call me.
Hello Deepak

Thank you for posting important information about goddess Bala.
By gods grace i came to know about this temple,i don't know when i will be blessed to visit the temple.I want to chant Bala TripuraSundari Mantra,But i was advise to get mantra from a guru.Could you please advise me on this.I don't know where to find guru to get Mantra as i live in UK.

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