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Cops Snore is an Eye Sore

Cops Snore is an Eye Sore

The most important business hub of Chennai -- T Nagar, which contributes to so many crores of business to umpty number of people and revenue to the government. But is this an internationally praise worthy location in Chennai. When you do a bit of introspection, I think, it is far from truth.

Ranging from the length and spagetti traffic snarls to the more unrelenting cops that support undertable revenues from everyone ranging from small traders to vehicle owners, I think T. Nagar is uncrowned in the negative perspective of Indian economic development.

Adding to the woes, is the T. Nagar bus stand which has a cherished heritage of making the passengers to practice marathon since there would always be two buses in the same route waiting and the bus crew would be more happy to anchor a maraton or a musical chair contest to make the passengers dart between the buses. I think, some advertisors can take this opportunity, to sponsor a 'T Nagar Maraton', and offer prizes to passengers, who successfully compete and win the contests. This has been brought to the notice of MTC by so many organizations time and again and inspite of that MTC is very firm in upholding this tradition which has been coming down from age-old period.

Next, the more cute fast crawling highways of T Nagar. Geographically, T Nagar is linked to Kodambakkam via Usman Road which is trifurcated like below:

  1. South Usman Road (connecting CIT Nagar to T Nagar Terminus)
  2. Usman Road (linking T Nagar Terminus upto Panagal Park)
  3. North Usman Road (spans the stretch between Panagal Park upto Kodambakkam Flyover).

Usman Road, has however been declared as one-way since it encompasses within its purview, the business hub called Ranganathan Street which stands testimony of large crowds even when the clock strikes 00:00 in the night. However, there are some salient observations and/or undocumented workarounds to deal with, during your visit to T.Nagar.

This is not to emulate but fondly hope, that if a competant authority of City Metropolitan Administration drops by , let them have the cops wake from their deep slumber to realise thier duties to deliver.

  1. Even though it is one-way, you can still lurk through Usman Road with pleasure. As a salient example, you can see scores of autorickshaws following this. If a cop encounters you, a simple ten rupee note can serve to cool him down and you can continue unabated.
  2. The small traders too are are at the mercy of cops. I have personally seen an umpty number of incidents when the patrol cops take up handsful of apple fruit from the fruit cart, in front of the vendor and discussing with his colleague 'Porumappa. Unakku evvallu venum'? [Tranlated into English: 'Buddy. Is this enough. How much more you want']. These cops do not pay anything to the poor vendor. The vendor too can not voice any complaint against since, by virtue of being day-waged, he has to bear the atrocities of the law-makers (or ethical law-breakers), who would file false complaints on them.  This, inspite of the fact, that there are two police stations at the borders of Usman Road; one near T. Nagar Terminus and the other near Pondy Bazaar.
  3. I know closely a couple of drivers en route 12G (KK Nagar to Anna Square), since every week I go to Triplicane. I have observed one guy playing a real comedy on the cops near the Pothys Junction. When the vehicle stops, he used to give the cop a friendly salute. The cop would think that he is giving him respect and would reply with a majestic smile. But to only persons near the driver, it would be known that the driver would be whispering the most horrendous comment on him. Actually, the gesture of salute is so well fabricated by him, that it looks like a salute but actually, tapping his head in much disgust, the line of demarcation between the two being very minimal.

I think, after the elections, whoever comes to Chennai Administration, should see that the police and security department are cleaned up of all shrubs that have gone all through, infected by so much of parasites.

BSNL was once upon a time like that but thanks to Daya Nidhi Maran, that it is now an enviable department among all telcos in the world. Similarly, the city administration should put in thier might to bring in renaissance into the city security infrastructure and related personnel. I think, during his previous regime, Dr. Kalaignar M Karunanidhi was very much instrumental in raising the image of Chennai police that they were appreciated on par Scotland Yard, like Mumbai Police. Whoever is elected during the current elections, should ensure that this spirit is rejuvenated and the same emphazised. Let us hope for the best.


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