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Youth Empowerment Workshop

Youth Empowerment Workshop

EYES (Empower Youth Educate Society), a non-profit organization is organizing a three-day free workshop on empowerment of youth for students from 24th August 2007 at Jai Gopal Garodia National Higher Secondary School, Tambaram. They are organizing the three-day workshop in association with People First consultants, a training company.

Students in the age group of 16 to 22 can participate in the workshop.

The program has the following goals:
To facilitate students strenghtening thier self-esteem The bring out the leader in the participant To identify thier goals, mission etc. Contact Details of the organizer:

Telephone: +919942558866, ++919976403420
Email: yeschennai (at)

Source Courtesy: Tambaram Talk

Kalarikkal Jothida Nilayam

Kalarikkal Jothida Nilayam

I wanted to share the information about an astrologer from this area. Actually a couple of my friends too got acquainted sometime back. Partially based from Kerala, they have very good predictive abilities without suggesting too much costly parikarams etc. They mostly concenterate on the following specializations in astrology and horoscope:

Marriage Matching and Identifying troubles and delays to marriage.Business Enhancements and ExpansionCareer ProspectsLegal Litigation ProblemsUnknown Mental Problems/Distress/Sorrow/Agony/AnxietyFamily ProblemsI would also like to give thier contact details for those who might be interested:

Kalarikkal Jothida Nilayam,
No. 9, Vivekananda Street,
VOC Nagar,
Chennai -- 600 073.

Telephone: +919894440477

Savings habit at Tender Age from Andhra Bank

Savings habit at Tender Age from Andhra Bank

Nationalized banks are known for their best national cause leaving alone a scanty percentage of the staff who do shadow things. I came to know of a new scheme that is launched by Andhra Bank now called "AB Kiddy Bank". Actually, the advertisement says this had been sometime back and they are relaunching the product now with more new added features. This savings product is a specially designed one for kids. They are also trying to bring in unique features including an exquisite doll.

Let us try to spread this message to our friends and relatives to enable all kids to open one account for thier kids inculcating savings habits early on.

You may like to check out Andhra Bank website here for more details.

The Hyundai Showroom recalls Kinetic Zing

The Hyundai Showroom recalls Kinetic Zing

Yesterday's trip through Saidapet - T. Nagar which was covering the Hyundai Santro showroom was another fond recall of a green old memory. One guy was actually trying to take out a little Hyndai car from the showroom after brief testdrives and other procedures. Somehow somewhere my memory flashed back to December 17, 2003, when I could first take the Kinetic Zing from Chandra Motors, Kilpauk.

There were a good number of bad eyes to prevent including some of the coworkers of the then previous organization casting and showering large amount of envy and with proven impurity and apathy in every bit of thier eyes. With good grace of the Lord Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa and a few colleagues to help out to accompany to the workshop everything was good. Three colleagues typically need appreciation for thier help. They were

Prashanth SamudralaSenguttuvan HaridossSrinivasan VeeraraghavanMy sincere thanks to them always and good luck in their future endea…

HMT Watch -- Rejuvenated After His Being Down from Ill-Health

HMT Watch -- Rejuvenated After His Being Down from Ill-Health

You would have read a few months back about the HMT Watch -- Lost and Found story. Well. I think it should have been some evil eye that the HMT Watch was undergoing some sort of defect or another. Hence I chose to let it consult with a 'Watch Doctor' (Watch Shop :) ) sometime the previous saturday (4th August 2007). It went through a rigourous servicing and checkup and I got a text message from the service center that the watch is ready after the 'treatment' and can be 'discharged from the hospital'.

Hence I went to the Watch shop near Valasaravalkam and got it back yesterday. You can find the full description of my Saturday trip over here. This week seemed to be a "Health Care Week". Personally I had to visit my doctor (Dr. Leena) near Rajakilpakkam since I had a few allergy-triggered body odour and breathing issue. A vigorous round of treatment triggered by Leena now has kept a resilent per…

Carpools in India

Carpools in IndiaA carpool is two or more commuters sharing a ride in one of their own vehicles. This concept is quite famous in United States and elsewhere. This is basically to best manage the traffic congestion and mutual help amongst the people. This would be somewhat similar to what the Vans and Share Autos help us currently in many metropolitan cities of India.I found this website which discusses CarPool concept in India and also provides a forum where users can post comments about availing and discussing about Carpool services in India. Let us visit the website here, whether we can make the best use of this innovative traffic management and public commuting system in India also.

Valmiki Temple near Thiruvamiyur

Valmiki Temple near ThiruvamiyurI would like to share about this unique temple, which I found sometime last week. On Thursday, I was actually travelling late to workplace and to avoid crowds, I took the Chozhinganallur - ECR route. This trip to workplace was full of temples that I could see en route. A few of the very important temples that I was blessed to see en route (of course, from the bus itself) are the following:Sri Pratyankara Temple (near Chozhinganallur)Sri Saibaba Temple (near Injambakkam on the ECR)Valmiki Temple (very near to Thiruvanmiyur RTO and Bus Terminus)You can check out the greatness of the sage Valmiki from the wikipedia page here.

UTI Bank becomes Axis Bank

UTI Bank becomes Axis BankIt is now time for banks either celebrating thier birthdays or elevating thier progress paths. India's premiere private sector bank (UTI Bank) has chosen to change its name from UTI (which is also shared by mutual funds and other equity investments unit) to a very unique, convincing and compelling name (Axis Bank). They have been busy all over the city in having a compelling advertising that 'Nothing has changed except the name", with giant hoardings all over.Among all the private sector banks, UTI Bank is really charming and excellent with its no-nag policy on its customers and excellent customer service and elevated and high banking standards.

"Sau Sau Salam"

"Sau Sau Salam"It is again moments of celebration as India's International Bank (Bank of Baroda) celebrates its 100th birthday. It is one of Nation's premiere trusted banking brand amongst millions hearts across the country. Besides this, they are very innovative in bringing customer-friendly and tech-savvy products to be on the forefront.Let us join together to wish them all success in thier banking ventures.