Saturday, March 14, 2009

Exploiting Merciness ...

Exploiting Merciness ...

I have this observation for a few days at least amongst different sectors of people in Chennai and just thought I would provide a synopsis on the same and share with others to get to know about others' observations too.

I frankly feel that a honest kindness, no-looking-back-or-undemanding help or no-strings-attached charity had been kind of extinct species in Chennai. I have two incidents here:

  1. Whilst casually discussing about the challenges faced by the downtrodden people in our society because of reservations and bad administration of the government, one prankster in the group immediately was trying to take advantage of the situation, to everyone's disgust and was trying to preach about Christianity. I really wonder, why Christians in Chennai are so much behind conversion to their religion. Given even a little chance, these guys barge into it and try to make the most out of the situation. I really wonder, what is happening to the Anti-Conversion laws in the state?
  2. The other day in my apartment they called an animal welfare volunteer. After much ado, the volunteer brought the ambulance. But he was reluctant even to search for the puppy which had ran some where in the proximity. But at the end of session, his colleague seemed to have asked one of our apartment members "This guy is a good guy. Can you tip him something?". I think illegal gratification for even fulfilling one's normal duties is becoming a regular scene in our country. Can something be done to correct this?


Anonymous said...

>>I really wonder, what is happening to the Anti-Conversion laws in the state?
Don't you know? Karunanidhi's next grandson is going to be named as Kristuvanidhi, following his previous one Arivunidhi. That is why, to exchange thanks, Greenways road was named as DGS Dhinakaran Road.

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...


Thanks for dropping by and sharing your views. At the same time, I used to wonder about the religion that Karunanidhi himself belongs to. Some people say, he used to pray to Samayapuram for goodness of his vision. But he has a strong soft corner for Christians. Was he 'converted' anytime?

After a little prolonged research, I was able to get one detail regarding why he was called 'Mu. Karunanidhi' and how does 'Mu' expand to? Many people didn't know that. It is 'Muthuvel Karunanidhi'.