Friday, March 13, 2009

Juvenile Mobile (Mis) Use

Juvenile Mobile (Mis) Use

The greatest advantage of technology these days are the vast penetration of communication tools and elements to all parts of the world from biggest towns to even remote villages. And by far, at least, with respect to the developing nations, cellular phone seems to be a good succinct and tangible example for this technological development.

At the same time, I used to wonder whether this technological advent and miracle is being used correctly. The other day when I was commuting back to home from work, I had a chance to wait in the bus at Vijayanagar bus stand and watching some amusing incidents.

  1. I have been seeing one girl constantly on her cell phone right from Ambal Nagar through Vijayanagar. At Vijayanagar, even whilst alighting from the bus and negotiating the road cross, she was holding the cell phone and flirting out with little higher acoustics itself. Crossing the road, at least in traffic-sensitive Vijayanagar needs more careful attention. She has thrown safety to air and given precedence to a mundane attraction taking wilfully bad advantage of a technological gadget. I used to wonder how much they end up paying up every month for their mobile phone bills. In one of my previous organizations, my colleague (Mariappan Natarajan) used to tell when we started from workplace and going to bus stand in the evening that these girls should not be completely trusted as they are in a call. At least in a close proximity, they would present an illusion as if they are in a call.
  2. The second sight is mobile phones at schools and colleges. I really wonder what is the exact need of a mobile phone for a college student. Can he/she restrict with a normal telephone number provided by the college to communicate back to parents alone? A mobile phone unleashes and removes controlled communication lines and now they can go haywire too.

Would parents think of all the possible situations before giving a mobile phone to their college kids?

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