Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Trip to Tirupathi is like Trip to US

The Trip to Tirupathi is like Trip to US

If you prefer a quick pre-scheduled trip to Tirupathi now, you can make use of eDarshan scheme arranged by TT Devasthanams from your region. The procedure is quite simple:

  1. Everyone (who is going to visit Tirupathi) have to personally visit the TT Devasthanam regional center.
  2. A token entry fee of INR 50 needs to be paid in the eDarshan counter.
  3. A fingerprint and a quick image of the user is recorded.
  4. A desired date and time of visit to Tirumala is printed on the reciept.

The pilgrim needs to reach Vaikuntam Q complex at the pre-printed date and time for the darshan. I just thought the counter that gives the reciept and slot is quite similar to US Embassy Visa counters taking fingerprint and image of the visa applicant. :)

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