Friday, July 30, 2010

Ithellam Doopu.! Nanban Thaan Toppu!!

Ithellam Doopu.! Nanban Thaan Toppu!!

The friendship day is internationally observed on the first Sunday of August or August 3 whichever comes earlier. Just thought let us greet one another a Happy Friendship Day on this occasion. And I just I would share the hilarity-cum-awesome song 'Ithellam Dupe' from the amazing fim 'Kandasamy' (starring Seeyon Vikram and Shriya Sharan)

Lyrics Courtesy:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It is always more greener the other side ...

It is always more greener the other side ...

People always think that the home-native has more problems haunting them and try to find and seek solace elsewhere. In one of the more recent blogs we discussed about some one having serious allegations against something and they have proposed radical steps towards seeking novel solutions from strange quarters. I just for them and similar people would share the following moral song from 'Yes Boss'.

जाता है तू कहां रे बाबा सुन प्यारे रुक जा रे
दुनिया के बड़े टेढ़े ये रास्ते खतरे ही खतरे हैं तेरे वास्ते
जाता है तू कहां ...

आजकल ऐसी भी लूट है कहने को प्यार है समझो तो झूठ है
देख तू लुटने लगा तेरा इश्तहार किसके हाथों में
जाता है तू कहां ...

प्यार का जो करते हैं शोर ध्यान है तेरा जिनकी ओर
आ मैं बताऊं कौन है वो रात में डाकू दिन में चोर
जाता है तू कहां ...

हाथ जोड़ूं तेरे पड़ूं तेरे पइयां
छोड़ के न जा मुझे छोड़ के मेरी बइयां
सुन ले मेरी अर्ज ओ सजन जाने वाले ये तो बता
जाता है तू कहां ...

बिकते हैं ईमान यहां बाज़ारों में
अंजाने तू न जाने कोई जाल फैला तेरी राहों में
कोई बात है तेरी बातों में ये जान ले मेरी बातों में
फ़ैसला तुझको आज करना है डूब जाना है या उभरना है

तरफ़ झूठ है दिखावा है इस तरफ प्यार का बुलावा है
उस तरफ़ लालची निगाहें है इस तरफ़ मेरे दिल की राहें हैं
जाता है तू कहां ...

Good or bad always contributes to His Lotus Feet

Good or bad always contributes to His Lotus Feet

There is a good old golden saying "All roads lead to Rome". Be it Good or Bad it always culminates (and bubba it has to :)) into the Lotus feet of the Lord. This seems to be succinctly evident from the previous two posts. The extremist discussions on social concern thoughts and anti-socials too came to a graceful thought to the Lotus feet of Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa.

Lokaveeram Maha Poojyam Sarva Rakshakaram Vibhum
Parvathi Hridayanandam Sastharam Pranamaamyaham

Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa!

The Saturn Spares No Entity In The Universe

The Saturn Spares No Entity In The Universe

The power of Saturn is enormous. Amongst all the planets, Saturn (aka) Sanaishwaran alone earns the glory of being called 'iswaran'. There is a saying that Saturn is incomparable to bestow or to penalize. (சனியைப் போல கொடுப்பாரும் இல்லை; கெடுப்பாரும் இல்லை). I have the following incidents that make me think that way:

  1. was the official website released last year but for the past two months the website is simply down. There is no definitive responsible contact point and when I inspected the domain ownership for this and the website of Travancore Dewaswom Board both are leading to InfoCareIT and Saturn.
  2. I had a choice of reading a social concern thought about a new entrant blogger. One of the sentences in the blogger's post was like venting out allegations against some one for having a close affection to Ayyappa. Whilst I salute the Ayyappa devotee for his great affection and devotion to the Lord at the same time I pity that writer for their innocence and ignorance against chiding the Lord. Without the Lord we are just dirt. I would really pray to the Almighty for forgiving the writer for the innocuous scribbling in an atheistic tone.

    The new author has a good charming writing style and has expressed a lot of novel thoughts on their blog. I would like to hyperlink it for the benefit of all readers. Unfortunately this specific content acts as a bone of contention. To respect their privacy and uphold it, I am just leaving it in the dark. The world is round. Perhaps one day when that writer gets a chance to visit this post, let them share a comment to me permitting me to hyperlink and I would be most glad to do so.

    I would really like to share one more thing. It is not the writer's fault too. Year 2010 dawned with eclipses in its lap. Eclipses are supposed to be handy work of Rahu and Ketu. A few of the astrological predictions revealed tougher times for the nations, heightened terrorist threats, lowered peace and harmony amongst the societies and communities, increased amount of marital discord leading to legally driven nuptial dissolutions.

    We would not have much options to fight against the planets and ethically we should not. We have actually discussed this topic much earlier too. When there is a planety debilitation it means the planets want you to streamline the activities and dedicate more time to the Lord and helping others.
You might be surprised on how come the second incident contributes for 'Saturn's Thiruvilayadal'. There are factors:

  1. Per blogger, the specified post was published on a Saturday.
  2. There were several references to a Saturday in the course of narration of incidents in the specified post.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Atheist Unethical Terrorists Venturing to blowup and sabotage Sabarimala

Atheist Unethical Terrorists Venturing to blowup and sabotage Sabarimala

In a most horrendous and universally shocking news that NDTV carried this month was a directive from Kerala High Court directing Travancore Devaswom Board to initiate feasibility studies on expanding the width of Ponnu Pathinettam Padi (The Holy Eighteen Steps) and to expand the width of the doors near the Sree Koil (sanctum sanctorum of Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa).

Waste of Court Time This seems to be a followup of some public interest litigation by a psycho called Prasanna Kumar from Aluva in Ernakulam. When Chennai High Courts serve as a rolemodel to dismiss such crazy petitions and warn the petitioners I am not sure what caused the Justice Bench (CN Ramachandran Nair and PS Gopinath) to even consider such weird demands. Do they have so much time free in their hands? We have seen another discussion sometime back on not to waste court time over here.

Going by these directives we can only deduce the following:
  • The complainant must truly be a psychologically deranged person and needs admission to a mental asylum immediately for the safety of the society. Now I am thinking if I should suggest to Kerala High Court to recommend this petitioner be referred to Kerala State Mental Health Authority.
  • The complainant must be an atheist or a religious-terrorist empowered by anti-socials to hurt the true religious sentiments of bona fide Indian. If that is the case this is another condemnable vehement denigration attempt in the lines as described here.
  • The complainant must be a smuggler like ex-Veerappan or an accomplice of smugglers who is eyeing upon the rich natural resources (flora and fauna) of Kerala ("The God's Own Country")
  • The complainant must be a terrorist and seeking shelter in the jungles of Kerala and trying to attack during the season time.
  • The complainant is an illegal contractor who is trying to amass fast bucks through this bestial venture. Is he something like in the role of Radharavi acted in the more recent film 'Pen Singam', penned by Dr. Kalaignar Karunanidhi?
Please find the news clippings from NDTV and Dinamalar on this.


  1. We appeal to Kerala High Court, the Governments and Judiciary to quash these weird petition and uphold the secular nature of Indian Union and preserving the rich heritage of our country.
  2. We invite everyone to kindly sign the petition here ( requesting Kerala High Court and Travancore Devaswom Board to desist from making any weird wild crazy and eerie changes to the temple structure . Such wild attempts are just manifestations as measures of sabotage to the rich heritage and secular framework of India.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

सत्यमेव जयते -- வாய்மையே வெல்லும் -- Truth Alone Triumphs

सत्यमेव जयते -- வாய்மையே வெல்லும் -- Truth Alone Triumphs

Flipping over the pages of newspapers these days is really pissing us off. So much of fraudulent activities in almost every spheres. At least, the southern metropolitan city of Chennai seems to be bagging the crowning glory of duplicates and fakes in every sphere.

  1. The city spun off the mega 'fake stamp paper' scam in its registration department a few years back that rocked not just the nation but investors across the world. The investigations are still in full swing.
  2. Sections of city cops do earn a name for their 'fake' encounters.
  3. Alongside a significant section of law representatives earn a dubious distinction of fabricating stories in the litigation-petitions they handle to 'appease' the client and to illicitly 'strengthen' their wallets.
  4. 'Fake' Medicines
  5. 'Fake' Medicos
  6. Now 'Fake' Certificates to admissions to Medical, Engineering, Arts and other higher educational institutions.
  7. Fake Visa Rackets do strike the headlines every now and then thanks to the scores of illegitimate recruitment consultants mushrooming across the city teaming up with unethical travel agents.
  8. Even taking the example of Government of Tamil Nadu emblem, there were political moves to remove the words 'Satyameva Jayate' in favor of Tamil translation. See the changes in that order: [Source Courtesy:]

There is nothing to much comment other than to say it is just an effect of Kali. However there are proven sayings 'Gods mills grind slow but sure' and a famous quote:

தர்மத்தின் வாழ்வதனை சூது கவ்வும்
தர்மம் மறுபடியும் வெல்லும்

We did recently have another discussion on unrighteousness over here and you can check out this emphatic video here:

"Chak De India" repeats in reality

"Chak De India" repeats in reality

The opening scene of Chak De India shows up with a penalty stroke issue and Shahrukh being unnecessarily branded as a traitor (गद्दार). He had to spend around eight years out of his hometown in renunciation of his hockey team position. He took the challenge and position to train the women's hockey team and made them win again the Aussies in the film.

Today's headlines shows that a hockey team coach has been accused in a sexual harassment of a junior member in his team. Investigations by the hockey commitee is in progress against him. News Source Courtesy: Yahoo UK Sports

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Memory of AK Bhat :: Photos from Balalok Prayer Meeting

Memory of AK Bhat :: Photos from Balalok Prayer Meeting

Sincere thanks to Bhavana for sharing a few photographs taken in Balalok Prayer Meeting held on 4th July 2010. The same have been shared over here for the benefit of all alumni.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Condolence Meeting at Balalok

AK Bhat's Demise ::: Condolence Meeting at Balalok

Dr. Ananthu K. Bhat, Founder Correspondent of Balalak Mat. Hr. Sec. School passed away on 22.06.2010. You can check out more details here.

A Prayer Meeting has been organized in the school premises on 4th July 2010 from 4 PM to 6 PM Indian Time.


Balalok Mat. Hr. Sec. School,
Tharachand Nagar,
Chennai – 600 092.

Telephone: (91) 821-230-1314/(91)984-546-2333.

You can also find this information on 'The Hindu' obituary.