Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Saturn Spares No Entity In The Universe

The Saturn Spares No Entity In The Universe

The power of Saturn is enormous. Amongst all the planets, Saturn (aka) Sanaishwaran alone earns the glory of being called 'iswaran'. There is a saying that Saturn is incomparable to bestow or to penalize. (சனியைப் போல கொடுப்பாரும் இல்லை; கெடுப்பாரும் இல்லை). I have the following incidents that make me think that way:

  1. was the official website released last year but for the past two months the website is simply down. There is no definitive responsible contact point and when I inspected the domain ownership for this and the website of Travancore Dewaswom Board both are leading to InfoCareIT and Saturn.
  2. I had a choice of reading a social concern thought about a new entrant blogger. One of the sentences in the blogger's post was like venting out allegations against some one for having a close affection to Ayyappa. Whilst I salute the Ayyappa devotee for his great affection and devotion to the Lord at the same time I pity that writer for their innocence and ignorance against chiding the Lord. Without the Lord we are just dirt. I would really pray to the Almighty for forgiving the writer for the innocuous scribbling in an atheistic tone.

    The new author has a good charming writing style and has expressed a lot of novel thoughts on their blog. I would like to hyperlink it for the benefit of all readers. Unfortunately this specific content acts as a bone of contention. To respect their privacy and uphold it, I am just leaving it in the dark. The world is round. Perhaps one day when that writer gets a chance to visit this post, let them share a comment to me permitting me to hyperlink and I would be most glad to do so.

    I would really like to share one more thing. It is not the writer's fault too. Year 2010 dawned with eclipses in its lap. Eclipses are supposed to be handy work of Rahu and Ketu. A few of the astrological predictions revealed tougher times for the nations, heightened terrorist threats, lowered peace and harmony amongst the societies and communities, increased amount of marital discord leading to legally driven nuptial dissolutions.

    We would not have much options to fight against the planets and ethically we should not. We have actually discussed this topic much earlier too. When there is a planety debilitation it means the planets want you to streamline the activities and dedicate more time to the Lord and helping others.
You might be surprised on how come the second incident contributes for 'Saturn's Thiruvilayadal'. There are factors:

  1. Per blogger, the specified post was published on a Saturday.
  2. There were several references to a Saturday in the course of narration of incidents in the specified post.

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