Friday, February 06, 2009

Away Away from Sinners and Back to Normalcy in the Service of the Lord

Away Away from Sinners and Back to Normalcy in the Service of the Lord

There had been a little turbulence rocking on my minds because of a few sinister set of people for sometime after my 'back-to-India' trip. I am sure I have discussed them periodically over the following post here. But, my bad, inspite of the renaissance, some of the mundane creatures had a little eclipse on my mind. My horoscope too showed signs of debilitation of Kethu and hence I believe, similar to the eclipses where Rahu and Kethu attempt to devour the Sun/Moon (solar and lunar eclipses), there was a little turbulence on my mind. With the support of well-wishers and the blessing of my Lord, now a clear route empowered by the ray of hope has been reinstated.

Sometimes the politics at workplace gets influenzed by crazy caste and religion factors and infect us as an influenza paralysing the productivity ratios. The need of the hour then would be channelizing and prioritising the tasks without getting taken over by them in their seige. Again, my Todolist was working doubly hard to ensure that these things didn't jeopardize the normal tranquility.

When I was in Dallas, my onshore manager who dropped me home in the evening always used to switch on his car stereo chanting a quick Gayatri Mantram and Aditya Hridayam. He used to say me once that Aditya Hridayam is really very helpful in giving the powerful blessings for the most protected mind. It once happened during this trip that a political wave of depression epicentered in India transitioned into a tornado sometime to cast an ill-effect in Irving around October first week of 2008. Again with his support, none of my schedules and deliverables were affected.

With all the empowerment, my Todolist claims free of all road blocks whatsoever, as on February 5th 2009. I am not an atheist to pronounce against the Navagraha. I really believe that debilitation of planets in the horoscope happen as a reminder that we should streamline our activities and ensure that our lifestyle sticks on to proper ethics towards the service of the Lord. At this moment, I also thank the Navagrahas for helping me out during the turbulent turmoil process.

I would just like to quote the following stanzas of Aditya Hridayam which indicates that a sign of Aditya to Rama to continue and embark on His mission with more confidence and vigor.

Atha ravi ravadanam nirikshyam raama Muditamanaah paramam prahrishhyamaanah.
Nishicharapatisa nkshayam viditvaa Suragan amadhyagato vachastvareti!

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