Sunday, June 27, 2010

The demise of Ananthu K Bhat, the beacon light of Balalok :: May his soul rest in peace

The demise of Ananthu K Bhat, the beacon light of Balalok :: May his soul rest in peace

It had been a tremor-struck week for every Balalok product with each of the alumni group reeling with tear-filled messages conveying the death of our correspondent (Ananthu K Bhat) in Mysore. AK Bhat (as he is affectionately and better known as) had not been just another school correspondent. He had been the heartbeat in the development of every soul that was part of Balalok. It had been more traumatic for Vanitha K Bhat, the Principal of Balalok who had just lost her son (Prakash Bhat) only a few months back .

Balalok was not another school where only students had their mundane bookish schooling and examination-oriented education. It was a learning lab for teachers, parents, service-providers and visitors as well. You can also check out my personal website on Balalok over here.
  1. I still have green memories of the morning assembly that starts with "Sahana Vavathu ..." and concludes with "Asathoma Sadgamaya ...". The chanting "Ananyas chinthayanthoma ..." is also the one which can not be forgotten. One can not forget how patiently he taught that the three Shanti's should not uttered mechanically and in the same vocal intonations. The first 'Shanthi' is for the world and universe; second shanti is for the neighborhood and the third shanthi is for our inner self (aatma). I have just tried to embed this chanting by some one from YouTube below:
  2. The Friday Bhajans are the ones which no other school can compete with.
  3. Be it rain or shine, the puncuality imposed can never be forgotten.
  4. Wherever a Balalok kid goes the superior self-confidence that he/she bears whilst facing the world definitely makes one understand that we all owe greatly to Mr. and Mrs. Bhat.

Let us pray the Almighty towards his soul resting in peace and to give madam the courage and confident to bear and travel through these turbulent times.

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CoffeeBean said...

I was fortunate enough to have had Him touch my lfe for four years. A large part (5 years) of my otherwise not-so-memorable childhood was spent in Balalok. 1983 -1988. That child in me refuses to even believe what you say! O My God! O Mr. Bhat!