Monday, May 30, 2011

My Cutie Pie's Honor of crossing One-Hundredth Post...

An affectionate wishes to my little pet for her posting the one-hundredth post in her blog. I am proud of you. I think this is a very tiny post. I see that in one of the lines you have given me a credit but I don't think other than introducing you to blogosphere I took you to great extent. My pet infact ventured through it, explored the blog's various features besides even setting up an internal private blog. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A melodius Meera Album ...

Inspired by a Payo Ji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Payoshared by a friend in Facebook, I just recalled another beautiful album from my personal jukebox. It is an album called 'Meera' by Anuradha Paudwal.

The most beautiful song in the album which I love is 'Chakar Rakho ji...'. Truly soul-stirring and encouraging music to get you back to vigor with passion.

Check out this URL for the complete list of songs in the album and to listen.

Google Blogger Vs Google Mail Anti-spam Engine

I am really amused and surprised on the weak anti-spam implementation of Blogger. If you had been used to emailing with Google or Google Apps you would for sure be with me to appreciate a strong wave of Spam filters which sometimes even engulfs even bona fide messages in a false-positive gesture.

The newly launched feature of Google Blogger is spam comments. I see a good number of spam comments are letting in as 'good' inspite of me reporting them repeatedly as spammer. I wouldn't call those viagra and medicinal herbs as spam but those from the online flower shops of India and travel outlets in India  posting weird messages to unrelated posts are spam as well. Akismet does capture them perfect so why not Google?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Voice of Rajinikanth ...

The recent planetary transits seem to little hard on Superstar Rajinikanth
too. Check out astrological predictions on Shivaji Rao Gaikwad (Rajinikanth)
over here. He had also given a speech over here.

The power of his speech is his humility, god-fearing attitude, devotion to his
guru and devotion to his work (by way of showing his affection to the fans).
This is what makes him stand distinct from others.

It is a pity that miscreants are spreading rumors on Rajinikanth too and his
spouse had also requested through a press release stating not to spread
rumors and his health is improving.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kanchipuram Garuda Seva

This time the amount of significance to Garuda Seva attributed in Social Media has been significantly less.I think we need to heighten our spiritual chanting more to conquer over the increasing raja-tama in the atmosphere. This may be partially because the results, political hallabaloo clouded the newspapers from focussing on the temple event.

Anyways, Happy Garuda Seva and Happier Brahmotsavam Celebrations!

Image Source: Dinakaran

Portable Todolist -- Powered by Libre Calc

A move which was imminent. The Todolist  which was powering has been now moved to an indigenous task list system powered by Libre Calc.

Why was this change?

  1. Portablity. Each and every system can not expect to have the standard stupid MsXML parsers. However the primary todolist would still be the same whilst the transactional system would be powered by Libre Office.
  2. Libre Office using XLSX (Excel 2007) ensures a true portability.
  3. A need to explore VBA and Excel programming. I love Excel.


Monday, May 16, 2011

தென்றல் புயலாகின்றதோ?

Today's Thendral seems to have mixed set of feelings. The three-part story goes as below:

  1. There is a turning point when Tulasi was rescued by Shyamala's dad who is little influential and gets rid of the villainous and rapscallion inspector (Azhagan Perumal). The gentle feel of Tulasi to dilute the situation to make Tamil feel easy of the situation is for definite to be appreciated. I salute you, Tulasi -- whole-heartedly. Shruti: You seem to have got a very role. Lucky gal!
  2. Lavanya seems to be demonstrating a kind of arrogant and adamant attitude packed with temerity. Check our previous discussion here. A kind of careless fruitless arguments posted by her that 'you dance if you know', 'I have self-esteem when she is walking out in a huff with the gesture of trading her self-esteem' is simply unpardonable. Neelima: Thanks for enlightening me that sweet in excess is a poison. 
  3. The third part of the story that deals with Tulasi's friend (Shyamala) at her residence and her spouse getting a graceful promotion in his job. But not sure what is the cold star of Shyamala on him? Let us wait. Curtains would go up again on 17th May 2011.
Thendral: Breezy for the ailing heart with bliss of solitude with mixed elixirs to cure the myopia.  Shruthi is for sure a pleasant breeze to LavanyaDeepak as this post dating back to 2006 indicates ("Shruti meets monkeys")

Sunday, May 15, 2011

An over-conscious security attempt ...

I had a re-install of my desktop Ubuntu Linux sometime a week back. I had been re-installing the missing software and other pieces one-by-one. Today when I re-instated the configuration of OpenDNS, Google Talk stopped working. It was driving me crazy as I had re-installed Empathy the latest version too. I found out that Google Talk through Google Email was also suffering an outage, which gave me a hint that the problem might not be in the local computer but the network.
Once I checked the logs I found out that my OpenDNS configuration was blocking access to Google Talk server. See the web browser message below for
Google Talk

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcoming a bright lamp into my home ...

It is time to welcome another new entrant into my home. This time it is a bright new lamp empowered by Symantec forums.

A friend had an AmazonPrime two day delivery option and hence the gift is being rushed to me and it should hopefully be reaching me on the Friday day. A few more snaps of the same are below:

Update on May 13 2011: The order got delivered on May 12 2011 to my Leasing Office and I collected the same on May 11 2011 (Friday).

The lamp has a blissful narration whilst it was welcomed. Whilst I shared about this with my colleagues there one Indian christian converted rogue who always used to chide others in his sinister objectives. We mostly avoid him and/or rather quarantine him.

Interestingly the most blissful occasion was that we had an American colleague who loved to see and feel it so much. He in fact got up and received from our hands in most respectable fashion. He is almost now a sexagenarian (aged between 65 to 70) with more than thirty years of experience in IT field besides nurturing a greatest love for his pet animals, grand sons and daughters.

If at all there is one guy who nobody hates anywhere I would point at this person -- the ever smiling sexagenarian kid who always is dynamic without even yawning at workplace, does not mind about unworthy comments or involve in useless gibberish talks.  And during Christmas celebrations he brings gifts to everyone.  The only thing which we can not bear our laughter is the most interesting way he handles his 'Droid' for select conversations. He is simply the most invincible and most loved person by all, I can say precisely.

Monday, May 09, 2011

A Sweet Dog Captured On Mobile Camera

Yesterday we saw this cutie near a restaurant. As we were preparing to catch him in our mobiles he became alert and this photo became more lively as if he was giving a nice shot. The 'click' sound of the camera made him more curious as we learnt in a few seconds. As we crossed the stretched and reached the streets, he also came peeking out through the other window and staring. If you closely observe there is one more dog in the car.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Jyoti Foods -- Tasty Indian Culinary Dishes

For those people travelling to this part of the world from Asia there is some good news. You can still enjoy and relish a lot of good dishes of your land quite canned and preserved, prepared right over here from the house of Jyoti Foods. It looks like a few international airlines like Continental and British have also included their dishes in their Asian vegeterian menu items.

Perhaps you should make it a point to check our your neighborhood shop to grab a few of the cans and enjoy your meal.

Akshaya Tritiya on 5th and 6th of May

The much celebrated Akshaya Tritiya is here today. As of writing this on 5th May 2011 it is Akshaya Tritiya in the Americas and people would read this on 6th May 2011 in the Asia when they celebrate Akshaya Tritiya. I take this occasion to greet everyone Happy Akshaya Tritiya.

Even charitable deeds like helping poor and dumb animals is a great noble thing. You can start doing one in the holy day of Akshaya Tritiya

Please use some other name than 'Lavanya ...'

I was watching a Sun TV serial called 'Thendral' yesterday. The serial was nice and unlike the stupid weird fights and romantic things it takes on a family issues and how people abide by it. The girl who pictures the title role is named as 'Lavanya'. And whilst her facial expression seems to be good, the eye-expression seems to be vehemently violent and deeply venomous.
Can the people use a different name other than 'Lavanya' for that type of roles? When I say 'use' I mean both in reality and in cinematography. There are zillions of other names that can be found in this world. And this 'gentle' touch, tender and loveable name has a lot of inner lovely meanings. Spare it please!
'Lavanya' needs a protection from such crazy things. 'Lavanya' is high-above the normal standards. For all crazy things and if you currently are 'attached' with an identification tag of 'Lavanya', please use this page as a startup to go for a change in your name. It covers personal name change and also name change for creations, enterprises and more.