Thursday, May 05, 2011

Please use some other name than 'Lavanya ...'

I was watching a Sun TV serial called 'Thendral' yesterday. The serial was nice and unlike the stupid weird fights and romantic things it takes on a family issues and how people abide by it. The girl who pictures the title role is named as 'Lavanya'. And whilst her facial expression seems to be good, the eye-expression seems to be vehemently violent and deeply venomous.
Can the people use a different name other than 'Lavanya' for that type of roles? When I say 'use' I mean both in reality and in cinematography. There are zillions of other names that can be found in this world. And this 'gentle' touch, tender and loveable name has a lot of inner lovely meanings. Spare it please!
'Lavanya' needs a protection from such crazy things. 'Lavanya' is high-above the normal standards. For all crazy things and if you currently are 'attached' with an identification tag of 'Lavanya', please use this page as a startup to go for a change in your name. It covers personal name change and also name change for creations, enterprises and more.

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