Monday, May 16, 2011

தென்றல் புயலாகின்றதோ?

Today's Thendral seems to have mixed set of feelings. The three-part story goes as below:

  1. There is a turning point when Tulasi was rescued by Shyamala's dad who is little influential and gets rid of the villainous and rapscallion inspector (Azhagan Perumal). The gentle feel of Tulasi to dilute the situation to make Tamil feel easy of the situation is for definite to be appreciated. I salute you, Tulasi -- whole-heartedly. Shruti: You seem to have got a very role. Lucky gal!
  2. Lavanya seems to be demonstrating a kind of arrogant and adamant attitude packed with temerity. Check our previous discussion here. A kind of careless fruitless arguments posted by her that 'you dance if you know', 'I have self-esteem when she is walking out in a huff with the gesture of trading her self-esteem' is simply unpardonable. Neelima: Thanks for enlightening me that sweet in excess is a poison. 
  3. The third part of the story that deals with Tulasi's friend (Shyamala) at her residence and her spouse getting a graceful promotion in his job. But not sure what is the cold star of Shyamala on him? Let us wait. Curtains would go up again on 17th May 2011.
Thendral: Breezy for the ailing heart with bliss of solitude with mixed elixirs to cure the myopia.  Shruthi is for sure a pleasant breeze to LavanyaDeepak as this post dating back to 2006 indicates ("Shruti meets monkeys")

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