Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcoming a bright lamp into my home ...

It is time to welcome another new entrant into my home. This time it is a bright new lamp empowered by Symantec forums.

A friend had an AmazonPrime two day delivery option and hence the gift is being rushed to me and it should hopefully be reaching me on the Friday day. A few more snaps of the same are below:

Update on May 13 2011: The order got delivered on May 12 2011 to my Leasing Office and I collected the same on May 11 2011 (Friday).

The lamp has a blissful narration whilst it was welcomed. Whilst I shared about this with my colleagues there one Indian christian converted rogue who always used to chide others in his sinister objectives. We mostly avoid him and/or rather quarantine him.

Interestingly the most blissful occasion was that we had an American colleague who loved to see and feel it so much. He in fact got up and received from our hands in most respectable fashion. He is almost now a sexagenarian (aged between 65 to 70) with more than thirty years of experience in IT field besides nurturing a greatest love for his pet animals, grand sons and daughters.

If at all there is one guy who nobody hates anywhere I would point at this person -- the ever smiling sexagenarian kid who always is dynamic without even yawning at workplace, does not mind about unworthy comments or involve in useless gibberish talks.  And during Christmas celebrations he brings gifts to everyone.  The only thing which we can not bear our laughter is the most interesting way he handles his 'Droid' for select conversations. He is simply the most invincible and most loved person by all, I can say precisely.

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