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Door AJARThe car that we used to travel from and to between our 919 office and Homestead at Irving used to show this message whenever we open the door 'Door Ajar'. AJAR seemed to be a new word. I first thought out that it should be a spanish word for 'Door'. I wanted to lookup this but laziness was overwhelming my enthusiasm in a way that Procrastination efforts were thieving much of the time. Today just got a glimpse of the word in WordWeb. It indicates the meaning as 'Slightly open'. The actual example given was 'The door was ajar'. There are some more interesting and useful observations that I have deduced in the cars here. The diversity of the cars and thier spectrum is vast and huge. No two cars in a random sampling at even a very small junction like Meadow Creek for a timespan of 15 minutes (quarter hour) is the same.The vehicles are powered by left hand driving since the nation follows 'Keep Right' policy on roads, unlike British way of &…

A Date With Citibank ATM at MacArthur Blvd

A Date With Citibank ATM at MacArthur BlvdThis incident was a close predecessor of my Thursday Trip to Dallas Fort Worth temple. One of my colleague wanted to withdraw some cash and hence we drove to the nearest Citibank ATM in N. MacArthur Blvd, a few miles down Meadow Creek, where we stay. The ATM was really charming. In India, the only ATM and banking hall we would seen is Citibank India, Anna Salai branch. Perhaps this is the parent bank of Citibank India right?While my friend finished his cash transactions and had a few queries to Citiphone there and he was talking over the hotline. Interestingly, the Citiphone was being serviced from India. Another pal of mind was very curious and he was keenly reading all the magazines kept in the ATM lobby and then the chill-thrill melodrama of accidentally hitting against the Fire Alarm happened. The ATM got illuminated by flashing lights immediately besides the reverberating alarms shooking the area. All these, when we were stooding mesmeriz…

TANKER (Tamilnadu kidney Research Foundation)

TANKER (Tamilnadu kidney Research Foundation)I came to know from my friend that there is a non-profit social welfare organization that is functioning from Chennai which is called TANKER (TAmil Nadu KidnEy Research Foundation). They help poor patients affected by renal problems free of charge. They also offer free dialysis for poor patients.You can check out more website about TANKER from their website here and spread the word to your friends so that more people would get benefitted.

Miles Apart but Minds In India

Miles Apart but Minds In India

When in India, I never used to turn towards kitchen side other than near the dining table for eating. Eating should be the only thing I should be claiming to be an expert for. While I started to US on a business trip for three months, they advised me that I should consider a hotel which could provide some vegetarian food, if not Indian type. But then, my manager and other colleagues who travelled a month and back were advising that the place we are staying has not much of restaurants in the vicinity. Even if available, the expenses involved, time to travel, availability of transportation to travel, type of purity in food were a few parameters that stipulate and place a higher priority to cook-and-eat rather than buy-and-eat.All fine. Three days before travel, during my casual call to my friends too, I was telling about the status of packing and everything. A few close-circle friends were bit upset due to this food problem and flung into assisting me in th…

Photo Competition

Photo CompetitionFor ardent photographers keen on hosting thier albums on the web, has some good news to share with. Starting March 7, 2007 0000 hours to March 31, 2007 11:59 hours (Pacific Time), is hosting a photo contest wherein the albums you host from your free account stand to win sweet and cute prizes as follows:With 10+ visitors: 1 GB of storage in thier account.With 50+ visitors: 2 movie tickets for any movie at majority of theaters in USThird most unique visitors: iPod Nano 2 GBSecond most unique visitors: iPod Nano 2 GBMost Unique Visitors: iPod Nano 30 GB.So what are you waiting for. Click here for a free Inbox account.

Weekender Trip to Authentic South Indian Restauarant at W Rochelle

Weekender Trip to Authentic South Indian Restauarant at W RochelleLife @Irving is pleasant with not-so-hot climate as in Chennai which makes you sweat like a pig. However, the place we are put up (Las Collinas) is one which has sparse bus facilities. Kind of remote village? If you have a driving option or to get attached with your friends, you should having some good trips. A few good malls too at a walkable distance and pleasure greeneries to calm down the mind and rejuvenate it. You would have seen 'Thomas Jefferson Park' in my album right.Today there was confusion in my mind. Just thought I should sleep and take rest. No sleep came. Got early and made some good food too. In some confusion, I walked down along North MacArthur towards North Lake College. I was resting down for a while near the park. Some more walk. It landed up near North MacArthur school. Now a weekend bus came and jumped into it. It was about five minute drive to a remote place. Alighted from there and took…

Summit Day 3 at Redmond Campus

Summit Day 3 at Redmond CampusIt is Day 3 of the Global Microsoft MVP Summit today being held at Redmond campus. As our shuttle entered the Redmond campus, it was a great moment of joy. While even the sessions were in progress, I bunked out a few moments and was enjoying the greeneries of the campus. The ASP.NET Team gave us a Visual Studio Team System DVD, a pendrive and a lot more goodies to carry along with loving memories to cherish till next year's summit on April 14, 2008. While we entered Redmond campus, the weather was really cool and it was witnessing pleasant and little showers too. It is a great pleasure to blog about this event right from within Redmond campus itself. There are lot of things that bring in waves of happiness hitting from all quarters incessantly and unrelentingly. A few of the points that come up on the forefront are:Visit and a full day at Redmond campus, the heaven on earth for developers.Visiting the home (or kennel) of Rocky. I sincerely hope that t…

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: Seattle Trip

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: Seattle TripAs a followup to the Seattle Travelog, a few of the snaps that have been captured have become part of the Evergreen Memories (Album Collection). The album can be viewed from here:

Windows Live Spaces

There are more interesting experiences to narrate, learnings to share, discoveries to announce, inventions to relish and the list goes on and on. Stay tuned and we shall discuss them shortly. You may like to see a video prepared from the snaps here:

Moments of Pride Meeting HeadGeek@XMLPitshop

Moments of Pride Meeting HeadGeek@XMLPitshopIt was a great time at Seattle Microsoft MVP Summit in another way. I had an opportunity to meet David Silverlight, who is the founder-president of A snap with him and also the certificate recieved from Community Credit is available in the following URL hosted by and Felicitations at MVP Summit

Summit Day 2

Summit Day 2We had the Day 2 of the Global Microsoft MVP Summit again at Washington State Convention Center. The day began with keynote by Bill Gates and a introductory speech by Richard Kaplan. The speech notes of Bill Gates is available from Microsoft website over here.This was followed by a good lunch and a few technical sessions. We had a good dinner at Seattle Museum of Flight. There were some good flight simulators which I loved to watch for a while. You can check out the snaps that we took here.

Warming up with the Summit

Warming up with the Summit

The much-awaited Global Microsoft MVP summit has started off. Today afternoon, it was held at Washington State Convention Center with registration and expo. There were a lot of goodies to carry, green memories to cherish.

We had a good Regional Dinner tonight at Westin Seattle. Check out the Seattle Trip album here.

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: India Advocates Day

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: India Advocates Day

The inspirational album setup and the recall of green memories keeps bubbling with more enthusiasm. With incessant feedback recieved from the readers as well it does give a great joy of sharing memories instead of having the albums just gathering dust as zip archives stored in the email boxes. I am now sharing a few of the snaps that were related to the beautiful environment or the bloggers group of MVP.

Check out the album here:

Windows Live Spaces

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: @CSSI

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: @CSSI

The inspiration of uploading Munnar Album triggered another salient but a two-photo album of my snaps during my tenure at C S Software, Chennai between 2001 and 2004.

I have delinked the two photos from Munnar Album since the former were taken at workplace but the latter is a travel related team building album.

You can check out the snaps over here.

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: Chrysoft Team

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: Chrysoft Team

When I upload an album of one function, I stumble upon another one and hence multiple older greener memories flood up in my Imagestation. I just noticed another old piece of album that was taken. It just has hardly a couple of snaps during my tenure at Chrysolite Enterprises in Chennai during the 2001.

The inspiration of upload was also from Arindam Majumdar. We after a long time found some time to initiate contacts and simultaneusly the album which was gathering dust in the mailboxes was also hosted into Imagestation. Check it out here.

A Good Herbal Pain Reliever

A Good Herbal Pain RelieverIn these stress-filled days, most of our bags normally carry a pack of Vicks, Amrutanjan etc either as pain balms or as tablets (pills). During my trip to Sabarimala, there was one marketing executive who was selling herbal medicine for headache in the bus near Kumbam (Kumili). Though initially we were reluctant but since just it was INR (Indian Rupees) 10 (Ten only), we bought each of the pack. It was really good and it seemed to be multi-faceted palm to address headache,body ache, phlegm in lungs (normally in bronchial inflammations and related diseases), tooth ache, joint pains, foot cracks. The ointment is purely applies to skin and not for consumption. Siddha medicines are good that they don't have any side effects like allopathy medicines.I just wanted to share the address of the herbal store so that related persons can contact them for medicines:New Shiba Pharma,
8/74, Chekkadi Street,
Near Vaniyar Kalyana Mahal,
Kambam -- 625 526

Contact Mobile Numbe…

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: Amar's Wedding

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: Amar's WeddingAs a punctuated and scheduled followup to Munnar Album rejuvenation, the next one to follow suit is my college friend (Amar's Wedding with Harika) album. I have published them over the following URL. But wait. This album is restricted to authorized members of CSEVEC99 only.If I had inadvertantly left out, send me an email quoting the email id with which you are member of CSEVEC99 yahoogroup and I would be most pleased to setup access for you.Update on 26th May, 2007: The Album has been migrated to Sony Imagestation which has more faster rendering, features like guestbook etc.

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: Munnar Trip

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: Munnar TripThe launch of EverGreen Memories (Album Collection) also has served to rejuvenate the old album that has been gathering dust in my storage. You can find the travelog of our Munnar Team Building trip that we took in my previous organization over here.And sincere thanks to Santosh for being a catalyst in having this album published instead of just a travelog.

Windows Live Spaces

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: Dallas Trip

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: Dallas TripI have been recieving a steadfast sequence of emails and suggestions that I should also consider uploading snaps associated with my travel and parties. I have been delaying this for availability of time. This weekend, being quite free, I just sat down and compiled the 'Evergreen Memories (Album Collection)'. Currently, I have uploaded a few photos which I have been taking during my current stay in Dallas, US. There are also a couple of videos that I have podcasted a few days back. For the interested reader, the permalink is here.Feel free to check out my Dallas Trip Album collection and let me your suggestions, comments and criticisms for development of the same. Currently it reflects a kind of amateur photography, in its infancy.

A humble Sabarimala Video Yatra

A humble Sabarimala Video YatraAn Ayyappa Swami was kind enough to upload the title song of Swami Ayyappan song in Coolgoose, a public domain song hosting free service. I just thought I can share the message to other devotees since it would be a great treasure for every one of them to keep listening to His holy names whenever they find time. It is purely with the blessings of my Lord that a new idea was entrusted on me by Him that I compile a few photographs of Sabarimala Yatra, play around the Windows Movie Maker tool (which is a free tool provided with Microsoft Windows XP).I have prepared a rough video of Sabarimala Virtual Yatra with these photographs and alongside, the Swami Ayyappan title song would be playing in the background. A few points to note:I have'nt used Windows Movie Maker before and I humbly accept that there would be one trillion bugs in it. If you can help me out correcting the same, I would be greatly thankful to you.Please share this with your friends and oth…

Changes in DayLight Savings Time

Changes in DayLight Savings TimeUnited States Government has brought in new regulations with respect to the Daylight Savings observation. As a followup, Daylight Savings would be started to be observed from March 11 onwards about three weeks prior to the normal daylight savings. This would go on for one week more than the normal in November.Windows machines need to have an update to have thier systems adapt to this new change. You can view details and download the patch from here. This download requires your system to pass through Genuine Windows Validation test.

7th Birthday of SitaGita -- Happy Birthday to the Little Girl

7th Birthday of SitaGita -- Happy Birthday to the Little GirlCome March 8th and it is internationally revered as International Womens Day. Thanks to Apcom Computers, that this day that year of 2000, our team @Agenda NetMarketing, launched the most innovative and women's guide, called She is now part of and a proud member of Sify Women Channel. It was more than just a web portal for us, the team at 3rdagenda [Agenda NetMarketing]. It introduced with each other a full realtime product delivery. She gave the opportunity for us, when we just passouts of college. She gave a vibrant development experience. She introduced and brought in an affectionate and lovely community of friends at TakeWing and 3rdAgenda.The little kid humbly crawls into her 8th year today. Let us join together to wish the little kid Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.Though each of our member are individually spread across the globe now, perhaps this brings in and keeps up the most green memories. She…

Winner of Community Credit Fifth Prize for February 2007 Contest

Winner of Community Credit Fifth Prize for February 2007 ContestI am happy to share the information that I have again won the fifth prize in Community-Credit February 2007 contest. You can check out other Prize winners and prize details over here.It is a sheer pleasure of helping peers in various technology forums and knowledge sharing and a recognition to cherish for ever.

HMT Watch -- Lost and Found

HMT Watch -- Lost and Found
From the morning I was feeling very depressed. I could not locate my HMT Watch. It was so special watch for me and it has come along with me since my twelfth standard. I have never been behind all fancy gimmicks. This watch was bought in time of great financial strain and burden though if you compare the instance now, it is fairly cheap and low cost watch. But looking back at that point in time, it was like buying a spaceship for me.
With all the sentimental backgrounds, I almost broke down today and could not even take properly my breakfast or lunch. I was praying to my Lord Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa and Arakkasu Amman to help me get back my watch.
What a surprise and miracle! Today when I entered my room, since it was routine room cleaning today. My room has been tidied and they have placed the watch on top of the table. Just now felt the pinch of hunger and quickly cooked some Maggi noodles and ate them with great relish. My humble thanks to Ayyappa and Ara…

Intensive workshop on Works Contract Act & CST ( including recent Budget Changes )

Intensive workshop on Works Contract Act & CST ( including recent Budget Changes )A one day Workshop on Works Contract Provisions under VAT & CST Acts(including Recent Budget changes in the CST Act ) . An exclusive program designed specially for those Executives connected with Works Contract transactions of their Companies . The Program covers Basic concepts of Works Contracts , Interstate Works Contracts , VAT Credits for WC, Specific cases of WC like AMCs, Construction Contracts etc. A must program for All Contractors , with the known expert in the field SESSION 1 (9:30 AM- 11:00 AM)What is Works Contract?What is Deemed Sale?Definition of Works Contact under MVAT Act.Basic Concepts of Levy of Works Contract.Divisible & Indivisible Works Contracts.11:00 AM- 11:30 AM               Tea Break
SESSION 2 (11:30 AM- 1:00 PM)Provisions of MVAT Act & Rules for Works Contract.The 3 Options namely Actual Deduction, Standard Deduction & Composition.Practical Illustrations for…

Weekend at Irving Mall

Weekend at Irving MallBeing Sunday and we just thought of roaming a bit here and there. We started sometime around 11 in the morning and landed to Irving Mall. More than our Chennai Spencer Plaza, I guess it is about double the size of it. Frankly speaking, I got enchanted by the diversified collection of richness of goodness and glorious treasures in stock in various stores that were reigning a prowess empire there. It was a great time roaming for a couple of hours and then a sumptous lunch at Pasand, an Indian cuisine near Irving Mall. Perhaps I have been to this restaurant on the day of my arrival to Irving too.My most cute and loved item at Pasand is the Uppuma. For some reason, I can say that I can even skip all other items in thier buffet and take only Uppuma. It is a really lovable dish. After sumptous food, we started out. When we came out,we saw there was a bus to McArthur Ridge at 1451. The DART operated town bus was another great thing of the city. The bus though, they ca…

Quick Start Snaps of this blogger (Deepak Vasudevan) at Irving, Texas

Quick Start Snaps of this blogger (Deepak Vasudevan) at Irving, Texas

As described in my other blog, I am just starting to get accustomed to the new environment. Last saturday, we went around for a liesure walk along the green parks in MacArthur Ridge, Hidden Ridge and Thomas Jefferson park. A few quick snaps that we took during the very brief walk on Saturday morning have been published to Yahoo Flickr. There are more to upload and as I get time, I would keep updating this post.While uploading this album, I fondly recalled about the old Munnar Trip since I had that zip file only in the album. I have also published them. Along this Flickr setup, you can also find the old Munnar Trip album here.

Update on 3rd March 2007:

Online Panchangam

Online Panchangam

Many a times, we may need to check out auspicious days like suba muhurtha days, eclipse etc. Towards these we may need to either carry an almanac (which is called panchangam in Tamil/Sanskrit). When we don't carry or when the panchangam is not comprehensively covering the info, here are some quick reference almanac websites that come to our rescue.PanchangamTamil PanchangamBesides these, we have also covered about free panchangam from over here.