Friday, March 23, 2007

A Date With Citibank ATM at MacArthur Blvd

A Date With Citibank ATM at MacArthur Blvd

This incident was a close predecessor of my Thursday Trip to Dallas Fort Worth temple. One of my colleague wanted to withdraw some cash and hence we drove to the nearest Citibank ATM in N. MacArthur Blvd, a few miles down Meadow Creek, where we stay. The ATM was really charming. In India, the only ATM and banking hall we would seen is Citibank India, Anna Salai branch. Perhaps this is the parent bank of Citibank India right?

While my friend finished his cash transactions and had a few queries to Citiphone there and he was talking over the hotline. Interestingly, the Citiphone was being serviced from India. Another pal of mind was very curious and he was keenly reading all the magazines kept in the ATM lobby and then the chill-thrill melodrama of accidentally hitting against the Fire Alarm happened. The ATM got illuminated by flashing lights immediately besides the reverberating alarms shooking the area. All these, when we were stooding mesmerized by the charms of the ATM lobby.

We somehow managed to come out and alert the neighbor regarding the folly of tripping against the FireAlarm, which was incompletely fit. The neighbor shopkeeper was very kind enough that he first cajoled, consoled and confirmed regarding the safety of inmates. He also assured that in case some one responds,they would inform regarding the same and there is no harm regarding the trip down and fall. With chill fear drilling and tickling down the spine, we slowly walked (rather gasping in tension) to the vehicle. We relaxed a bit and then started to the temple. We anyway, in the meanwhile, alerted Citiphone also and we hope it had been taken care of.

It was an interesting and chill-fear-ticking experience at Citibank NA, which we would cherish all along.

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